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Hi, I’m Kristin, & I AM on a lifelong journey

Would you like to join me?

After confronting impossible challenges
and coming out the other side better for them,
I’ve harnessed every trick in my sacred Treasure Chest
to create enJOYable and effective avenues to

1} rewrite hundreds of trillions of energetic pathways in the BODYmind,
or resculpt brain-body wiring and how it helps navigate experience
{including rebuilding internal attachments at the foundation of it all};

2} reclaim INFINITE(!!!) personal POWER(!!!!!!) from within,
shifting and transforming areas of personal realities from the inside-out; and

3} uncover your Truest Self, which may feel like
your SoulSelf or Inner Child Liberated Self,
while cultivating LOVING LIBERATION
as consciousness ascends into greater realms of reality!!

Dare to explore the artistry of existence with me?

LOVING LIBERATION awaits us all.

Every offering expressed through Kristin’s Consciousness Consultancy
was first originally created, utilized, and expressed
to evolve my own realities
in unexpectedly miraculous ways.

Relentless passion springs forth from my SoulHeart
through my purposeful offerings
because they gave me ‘ME’ back
when that was once considered entirely impossible.  

Seeing the indescribably transformational POWER of each offering
fuels me forward to share the MagiiicK with YOU!!!!!!!

If you’re interested in up*leveling your quality of LOVING LIBERATION,
enJOYing every sacred moment
while cultivating lifelong, lifeshifting, lifechanging transformation,
~ then you’ve come to the right place.

Reconstruct subconscious navigation and unite trillions of Self-aspects
while having FUN and celebrating INDESCRIBABLE VICTORIES.

Are you ready?

Whether transmuting decades of painful experiences,
progressing through a spiritual awakening,
or anything in*between or beyond,
I AM here to serve the divine unfolding of LOVING LIBERATION!

First… Explore some FREE GIFTS to fuel your unfolding!


✨FREE Expressions of the IMPLICIT REVELATIONS Case Study:
~KNOWN Series @
~Treasure Trove of Diagrams & Treasure Maps @
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[What led Kristin to this PassionPurposeSoulBliss work?

When the following video was first created, she could not remember ANY of her life! She had to 'research' her own past experiences just to create the introduction! Explore part 1 of Kristin's KNOWN documentary series @!]

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[PS! If you're enJOYing these free content creations and would like to support my work, donations accepted with celebration and thanksgiving through PayPal to!]

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Kristin Windsor is a consciousness consultant who specializes in understanding how unconscious emotional and procedural memories, in relation with the wellBEing of internal attachment needs, affect subconscious navigation and regulation.

By distinguishing the identity of consciousness from automations of brain-body wiring, Self-essence reclaims its infinite inner POWER along the healing journey of life!

The intention of Kristin’s Consciousness Consultancy is to PLAYfully provide enJOYable avenues to understand and heal unconscious body-minds while liberating and expanding consciousness.

The cornerstone of her work is the Implicit Revelations Case Study, where Kristin combined extensive research in neuroscience and attachment development with her own personal experiences to sculpt fresh methods for understanding and healing unconscious body-minds (2011 to present day).

“LOVING LIBERATION” is the key foundation of her offerings, igniting expansion of the True Self (as pure consciousness) along the process of reconstructing brain-body wiring.

Please explore her various offerings, including FREE LIBRARIES of content creations, at

(PS! Shop healing journey merchandise @!)

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