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CLICK HERE to Book a Treasure Mapping Session through a 1-on-1 or Group VIDEO Call with Kristin Windsor!! Create a Personalized TREASURE MAP of your Soul ~ understanding experiences through brain-body wiring while lovingly liberating Self-aspects!!


CLICK HERE to explore the TREASURE TROVE, original diagrams to understand and heal bodymind experiences while liberating and expanding Self-essence in miraculous ways!




     Through 1-on-1 or group video calls, I offer Treasure Mapping Services! What are the treasure we're mapping??? Brain-body wiring affecting subconscious navigation and aspects of personal experience, and the infinite Self-aspects at the foundation of those experiences and internal wiring! Meeting the SoulSelf within experience whose identity exists independently of it!!!


     Utilizing my original Liberated Consciousness Diagram, we create a personalized MAP of your own unconscious bodymind, or subconscious realms, to further understand and liberate everyday experiences!

     You choose a specific experience you wish to understand.... such as chronic experiences of a specific thought, feeling, or action-pattern (instinctive body movement or automated choice-habit), or a one-time experience that ignited certain internal responses, or possibly even the behaviour of a loved one...


     And I help to identify specific regions of neural wiring (especially unconscious memories) in relation with attachment well-being that affect distinct aspects of self-essence (or pure consciousness)!


     During our sacred time together, I help you draw your own version of my Liberated Consciousness Diagram (a Treasure Map of the Soul!) to understand these experiences and know how to be there for your subconscious parts!

     Depending on what we're exploring, we may also draw insights into other "diagrammatic expressions" ;) such as the 3 Subconscious Layers Diagram, or Expanded Spirit Treasure Map!

     These SIMPLE and COLOURFUL drawings expand AWARENESS on COMPLEX topics in an EASILY DIGESTIBLE fashion, and the JOURNEY is FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!




     From this Treasure Mapping journey, you will be able to explore and understand the: 

  • underlying causality of subconscious navigation (chronic or one-time thought, feeling, and/or action-patterns),

  • correlation between implicit [unconscious] memories, internal attachment needs, and these specific experiences of yourSelf and life,

  • distinction between your Self-aspects (parts of consciousness) and your personal experience (influenced by brain-body wiring),

  • intimate effect of inner realms ​~

    • specifically, how covert activations of unconscious memories personally impact your subconscious parts

    • (~99.08% of inner realities exist and operate beyond direct perception where trillions of subconscious parts encounter life beyond awareness),

  • infinite POWER! of your conscious awareness to LOVINGLY LIBERATE those subconscious parts,

  • most effective method for transforming subconscious navigation and intimately BEing there for yourSelf
    ~ easily applied in everyday life! ~

    • identify subconscious timeline to rewire,

    • pinpoint specific attachment needs related with that neural wiring,

    • fulfill internal needs for distinct Self-aspects through a 5-step process, and 

    • ignite personal POWER reclamation,
      healing restoration,
      transcendent transformation, and
      in a PLAYfully simplified, FUN and enJOYable,
      easily accessible fashion!!!!!


     (*Please note that this offering is not available through audio calls.)


     (PS! Explore my Liberated Consciousness Diagram in the associated healing journey course @

{If you have a clarifying question before scheduling your call, please complete the "Connect with Kristin" form @}