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What is a Social Self-Engagement Practice?

It’s an activity where consciousness teaches the brain and body to socially engage with itself, especially with a felt-sense of attachment need fulfillment by distinguishing and connecting various parts of the Self. 

The ultimate intention is to rewrite regions of the unconscious body-mind while uniting and liberating Self-aspects.

While casual Social Self-Engagement practices nourish a nonchalant friendship between Self-aspects, intimate Social Self-Engagement practices POWERfully develop emotional attachments between parts of Self-essence. This deep emotional attunement is comparable to unconditional love expressed between a parent and their young child, or two adult lovers in a romantic partnership. Casual and intimate practices both hold immeasurable benefits, rebuilding the unconscious body-mind in different yet equally important ways.


Effective and enJOYable practices of Social Self-Engagement transformatively uplift neural content, expand neural connectivity, retrain regulation throughout dozens of systems, unite parts of consciousness, and restore the unconscious body-mind to optimal wellBEing by sculpting a NEW FOUNDATION, rather than working with its existing information (like past memories/ experiences).


Hundreds of trillions of neural networks are gradually rewritten, rebuilt, reconstructed, and recreated while teaching brain-body systems to effortlessly flow in a harmonious state of health through Love and Presence.

Social Self-Engagement Practices stem from Thesis #29 of Kristin Windsor's IMPLICIT REVELATIONS Case Study (2011 to present day), which expresses that:

"When consciousness teaches the brain and body to socially engage with itself, the process of healing internal attachments indirectly reconstructs all memory data throughout the entire neurobiological social engagement system (uplifting neural content, expanding neural connectivity, and reorganizing fluid flows throughout all implicit systems) and reprograms brain-body regulation ~ completely rewriting the entire unconscious body-mind; not by working with existing intel, but by resculpting its foundation from the ground-up."


Visit and scroll towards the bottom of the page for original expressions of this idea and further insights from the IMPLICIT REVELATIONS Case Study and healing journey!!!


Original Work by Kristin Windsor.


Thank you for respecting these divine expressions.

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