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~~~ Becoming KNOWN ~~~ I AM an Embodiment of Love and a Truth ready to be Spoken.

(Video's Original Title: I Am Known ~ I Am A MultiConscious Mosaic Mind ~ I Am Simply Me.

Originally shared in December 2019.)


KNOWN documentary series bonus feature, in relation to part 1 that shares my healing journey saga (explorable @!

Sept. 11, 2021, Journal Entry, IMPLICIT REVELATIONS Explorations:

Life is such a never-ending MYSTERY of cosmic WONDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no conscious memory of creating this video, yet I know for a FACT that my BODY remembers the EXPERIENCE, even when my MIND canNOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I watch this video, I observe that the descriptors following "I AM" are focused on external physicality and experiential elements of reality. She identified with how her brain and body were wired, how she automatically experienced life, how she expressed herself, how she used her gifts in the world, how she exerted her energy, etc.

Even though I do not have conscious memories of my healing journey from that time period, it's profoundly fascinating to explore the unfolding.

Now, my primary identity descriptors that follow "I AM" are PRESENCE and LOVE: I am the presence of my breath; I am the love of my heartbeat; nothing else has ANYthing to do with WHO I AM!

I no longer identify with experience, and that space of pure BEingness liberates me more and more every day. (It's a continual practice, but one that grows more fluid with continued investments.)

One powerful thing that she (2019-Kristin) and I (2021-Kristin) have in common is (1:43 in video), "I AM becoming all that I desire to be."

DREAM CHASER FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We still share the same implicit energetic components of inner self-experiential expression:

"I love guiding dear souls towards reclaiming their personal power while cultivating deeper self-love.

I find creative ways to explain neuroscientific mental health insights.

I am an explorer of the unknown, a map-maker of uncharted territories.

I am studying the neuroscience of my miraculously mysterious

life experiences.

I Am an Earth Shaker, Change Creator, Thought Leader.

I create brand new healing modalities.

I rewire my brain to transform my consciousness from the inside-out.

I make the most out of each unfolding moment and always strive to give life all I've got.

I choose the relentless pursuit of my dreams.

I Am a Warrior of Consciousness.

I embrace all that I am.

I Am an Explorer of Consciousness, Healing Transformation, and Personal

Power Reclamation.

I am a Lover of Life, an Embodiment of Love, and a Truth ready to be Spoken.

I am a tender force of resilient courage who prioritizes healing play.

I am a Lover of Words and a Dedicated Writer.

I am a Passionate Expresser of My Inner Experiences.

I am a Dreamer.

I am Simply Me.

I am Kristin Windsor."(Read CAPTION!!!) ~~~ Becoming KNOWN ~~~ I AM an Embodiment of Love and a Truth ready to be Spoken.

The big difference is that I do not IDENTIFY with these descriptors anymore.

These implicit, energetic components still flow through my neurobiology or brain-body wiring, contributing to experience. But I AM CONSCIOUSNESS and none of this life experience has ANYthing to do with WHO I AM.

I AM LOVE and I AM PRESENCE, and that's IT. Nothing else is associated with the BEing who is "ME"!

I describe this as an "unconditional identity." Discover more in my content creations, including my LIBERATED CONSCIOUSNESS book @


Even without abilities to create conscious memories when this video was created, consistency miraculously continues through this wonderfilled healing journey of life.

From the "KNOWN" book title shared near the beginning, to a variety of clips used throughout, THIS VIDEO HOLDS SO MANY thematic and visual SIMILARITIES TO MY KNOWN PART 1 DOCUMENTARY CREATION!!!

Sooo many of the exact same video clips were chosen in 2021 as I am able to create conscious memories again..... Even though I do NOT have conscious memories of creating this video in 2019!!!!!!!!

It's all a never-ending wondrous miracle of infinite becoming, and I AM grateful to be here as ME, the loving presence I AM who observes the unfolding I AM blessed to be within. :)

Thank you for joining the journey. Blessings through your own healing and unfolding, soul friends. :) I AM sending you LOVE and LIGHT! ^_^






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