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Finding a Wisteria Flower in My Hair

I pull from my hair a purple wisteria flower.

Then I pull from my hair a brown prickly ball.

I set them on my laptop, one on each side of the trackpad, while watching a show with my parts of consciousness, observing their many experiences from this singular physical engagement.


All is balanced; all is well.

Releasing all preformed conceptualizations about what should or should not be allows for the creation of space inviting renewed perceptions that allow for energetic transmutation to evolve to higher states of consciousness.

Always looking for the lesson, I rise again to the forefront of my brain, cortex activation allowing for renewed clarity of thought, as thought slows, knowing no answers must be concocted at this time: we are simply exploring existence as a certifiable vagabond.

Find the lesson to find freedom.

~The Kristin Chronicles, By Kristin Windsor

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