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Winter 2019 Daily Rituals Summary.

We began creating daily rituals several years ago but only became explicitly specific last year in 2018.

Every season as this lifelong healing journey unfolds, we re-evaluate what is & is not serving us within our daily habits.

We also mindfully evaluate our intentionality within these daily habits: are they monotonous routines or purposeful rituals?

We adjust as needed & keep notes about every part of the process in our journal.

We also have extensive coping rituals for every specific symptom, situation, type of nervous system regulation, & when certain parts of consciousness are present.

Here's a personal peek at an average day in our life during this present season of our healing journey. :)

These rituals emPOWER the work that we do.

They're basically the blueprint for a successful day, & if we follow our daily rituals, we will have enough stability to do work in between our rituals, or during our rituals applying our original Coping Trick of Sporadic Stimulation. {You can learn more about this in Healing Journey Homeschool!}

Thanks for sharing the journey with us, soul friends! It's a blessing to share with you all!

~Kristin Collective Dream Team, aka the 13 parts of Kristin's consciousness

6-7 AM

Meditation before fully awakening: feelings-based gratitude &/or imaginative visualization exercise to activate 3rd eye chakra & reduce anxiety before day begins.

7 AM Gentle stretching before getting out of bed.

Tender gentle mindfulness-based PookieBear {emotional support cat} cuddles.

If flight parts activated, go for a jog with intention to be mindful of breathing patterns.

7-8 AM

Journaling & tender time with PookieBear.

8-9 AM

Kundalini yoga with mantra chanting before breakfast

9-10 AM

Therapy work within the program of Healing Journey Homeschool

10-11 AM

MidMorning Meditation {outside of the house: sitting in nature or in Tilden the truck}

11 AM - 12 PM Meditative mindfulness walk.

12-1 PM MidDay Meditation with journaling before lunch.

1-2 PM

Mindfulness eating.

2-5 PM

Meditation with emphasis on presence with parts & compassionately allowing nervous system dysregulation.

Take allergy supplements.

Nervous system regulation nap with self-hypnosis before &/or after to transform subconscious narratives.

5-7 PM Sunset meditation with sun gazing & affirmations.

Evening release therapy ~ Feel the Feels processing time around sunset. Evening self care: healthy dinner, ice body, express genuine {feelings &/or action based} self love.

7-9 PM

MoonLight Meditation with journaling & grounding aromatherapy &/or chanting before bed. 10-11 PM

Relax. Watch TV. Journal. Play with Pookie. Tidy up bedroom. Grab a snack.

Take L-tryptophan, natural sleep supplement.

11 PM -12 AM

Listening to binaural beats, sometimes with affirmations, before/ during sleep.