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Who is ShadowSelf?

ShadowSelf is the term used within Compassionately Evolved Consciousness to describe the 95% of consciousness residing behind direct awareness that has miraculously developed through survival strategies. Despite the infinite miracles, ShadowSelf is rooted in our survival-inclined neurobiology and fear-based energies, limiting our potential to dream and expand while enjoying the extraordinary magic of life. ShadowSelf is where our subconscious parts live, hidden deep within the unconscious. Parts of consciousness are LOVE at the core of their beings, yet this powerfully beautiful truth becomes covered up. ShadowSelf is always contributing to our unfolding life experience through the miracles of our consciousness, yet we are rarely aware of these operations because they reside beyond our direct and immediate awareness. Healing is not about changing who we are: it's about becoming more of who we naturally and authentically are, creating space for transformation of our own experience of self. ShadowSelf invites mindful awareness, healing love, and uplifting empowerment. When we offer ShadowSelf these innate desires, especially from a place deeply rooted in SoulSelf, we begin to rewire our physical brain, and we expand our potentials to experience peace, joy, and fulfillment like never before. The state of our ShadowSelf dramatically impacts our ability to experience mental health and overall wellness. Embracing, healing, and empowering ShadowSelf through unconditional love and presence creates space for total transformation from the inside-out. SoulSelf is the counterpart to ShadowSelf ~ infinite rather than finite, love-based rather than fear-based, and capable of thrival rather than just survival. Consciously investing in SoulSelf through energetic intention and attention fuels the everyday healing journey of life with immensely transformative power.

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