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Trademarked/Copyright Content/Concepts

Kristin Windsor holds trademark/copyright ownership of:

  • Inside-Out Theory of Consciousness™

  • 5 Layers of Human Consciousness Creating//That Create Life Experience™

  • Healing Journey Homeschool™

  • Bilateral Body Movement{s}™

  • Bilateral Vocal Vibrations™

  • Unblending from Life Experience™

  • Coping Trick{s}™

  • Coping Tricks Toolbox™

  • Soulful Compliment™

  • Subconscious Language™

  • Personality Discrepancies™

  • Reclaim Your Power™

Join Healing Journey Homeschool to explore these concepts while working 1-on-1 with healing journey coach Kristin Windsor!

You may also explore the behind-the-scenes content and creation process of all original content and concepts at

The Dissociative Identity Movement, a non-profit organization {in the process of official licensing & registration} led by Kristin Windsor & Haley Stern, officially claims trademark/copyright ownership of:

  • Little Mosaics™

  • Raising Mosaics™

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