The Dissociative Identity Movement Gains Momentum!

Languages Represented in the #DissociativeIdentityMovement: English & Spanish.

Countries Represented in the #DissociativeIdentityMovement: Canada, England, United Kingdom, Finland, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Bolivia, Scotland, & the United States of America.

United States Represented: Massachusetts (MA), Missouri, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington state, California, Colorado, Ohio, Maine, Georgia, Arizona, New York, Virgina, Vermont, Montana, Oregon, & Rhode Island.


There are 3 types of member involvement in The Dissociative Identity Movement, 3 unique perspectives needed to make this movement happen:

Warriors of Consciousness are those who live with a dissociative identity {DID, OSDD}.

Mental Health Warrior are those who live with structural dissociation but not a dissociative identity {BPD, CPTSD, DP/DR}.

Nightingale Knights are those who support this movement without suffering from structural dissociation.


What does the public need to know about dissociative identity disorder?

1) It's a neurodevelopment disorder, not a mental illness/ disorder.

2) It is more common than people think.

3) Having DID means living with alternate states of consciousness: sharing the body with parts of the brain that don't have access to each other.

4) Best treatment method: Janina Fisher's multi-conscious parts approach, published in 2017.

5) Get excited, society, because this is all history in the making!, as this disorder is only now being explored, studied, & accurately understood.

6) It is the highest degree of structural dissociation called tierchiery structural dissociation: lesser degrees of structural dissociation include diagnoses such as BPD, PTSD, CPTSD, OSDD, & DP/DR.

7) Living a beautiful & fulfilling life is 100% possible when living with DID: there is always hope; you are not alone.

8) DID affects the body as much as it affects the brain,

9) Amnesia is part of the diagnostic criteria for DID.

10) There's more than 1 type of trauma-related flashback that survivors may experience: 'traditional' mental flashbacks, somatic/body flashbacks/ memories, emotional flashback, & dissociative/ghost flashback.

11) #TheGiftOfSanity Movement: exposing day to day examples of how DID complicates life in hopes of helping neurotypicals appreciate their sanity.

12) Explain that self-harm, eating-disordered behaviour, substance abuse or addiction, & suicidal ideations/tendencies/ attempts can be evidence of a dysregulated autonomic nervous system. Break the myths, misconceptions, & general assumptions.

13) Dual diagnoses: those who live with DID almost always suffer from other medical conditions/ health battles as well.

14) Every dissociative identity is extremely unique: discuss the various variables, including extent of amnesic barriers & number of parts of consciousness {this is where we can share about polyfragmentation}.

15) Every part of consciousness serves a purpose: share the 5 types of parts & their gifts/strengths & 'weaknesses'/struggles.

16) Co-consciousness versus co-fronting: similarities & differences.

17) What does "integration" mean? Discuss all angles.


{What else should we add, warrior soul friends??}


Welcome to the DissociativeIdentityMovement, soul friends!

I'd like to introduce myself for new members & those who don't know me very well. ^_^ <3

My name is Kristin Windsor, but people who know me well call me by the name of my individual parts of consciousness.

I've been exploring my dissociative identity for over a year.

Symptoms began at age 10 & escalated by age 14, but I did not receive an accurate diagnosis until 15 years later in 2017.

From 2014-2017, while homeless & disabled in Colorado, I was in intensive mental health treatment for bipolar disorder & PTSD, which worsened my conditions & added to my trauma.

During these years, I worked hard to advocate for mental illness, joining forces with non-profit mental health organizations like NAMI & DBSA, as well as blogging extensively & sharing daily on Facebook.

I landed in the emergency room more than once from medication side effects yet doctors instructed me to continue with the medications. When I asked for a second opinion, the entire institution closed me from services at their dozen locations in the whole city.

I finally found more help yet that proved ineffective as well.

At one point during I was taking 36 pills/day, still completely disabled, housebound, unable to work, & self-harming every single day.

Learning about the neurobiological aspects of trauma & applying Janina Fisher's multi-conscious parts approach {just published in 2017} LITERALLY SAVED MY LIFE & inspired the need to raise awareness.

I create videos for my youtube channel {}, write articles for my blog/website {}, & continue to learn about trauma recovery to create mental health healing journey workbooks along with a mental health life coaching program called Healing Journey Homeschool.

I was even published by The Mighty this year with my article about my American Dream.

I share my intimate healing journey at, which is my ONLY form of income & 100% supports my mission AND this movement. {Thank you, patrons!!} <3

If you have any questions about my personal story or my mental health advocacy mission, please feel free to ask!

I'm so excited to keep growing with you, soul friends!