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HEALING JOURNEY TRICK ~ Discovered by Kristin Windsor during her IMPLICIT REVELATIONS Case Study!!


Create an original song, expressed through rhymes and rhythm [connecting with the right brain hemisphere], sung from the grounded space of the observational self expressing healing messages towards parts of consciousness (the inner experiencer, or the experiential self).

Sing this to your inner self. Allow for authenticity in your voice: your inner parts hear HOW you sing, not just WHAT you sing. :) Record the audio on your phone or a similarly small, hand-held device.

Sit in a private, safe, quiet, calm space. Place the device on top of your head, speaker facing forward (not backwards) and listen to the audio recording.

Breathe deeply and relax into the sacred power of your own miraculous presence. Place all focus on observing your inner self within the experience. (The “I” of internal narration is the observational self, who witnesses parts of consciousness within their present moment experience. Distinction with connection enables self-attunement, amplifying personal POWER from within.)

Practicing LOVING connection with your self-essence and grounded PRESENCE with your body in the immediate moment of experience.

For additional healing journey benefits, hum along with the song, creating vocal vibrations to further feel the POWER of your own sacred loving presence.

Allow your subconscious parts to receive the loving messages (expressed through the song AND through your own loving presence with internal compassionate connection) while creating space for the vibrations to ignite healing regulation in your unconscious body-brain systems.

Potential BENEFITS, as observed by Kristin on July 13th, 2019:

~~~ increased prefrontal cortex engagement, amplifying abilities for conscious observation and intentional response;

~~~ increased regulation, including mind-body connection, cranial nerve functionality (noticed through unique inner ear activity), and instinctive regulation of speaking voice;

~~~ increased self-recognition, stemming from amplified connectivity throughout neural wiring and parts of consciousness; and

~~~ increased self-orientation, including clarification between inner and outer realities with both distinction and connection.


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With LOVE and LIGHT,

~Kristin Windsor

(and her Loving Awareness,

Inner Life Partner,

Inner Best Friend,

and Inner Child[ren]) ✨✨✨