SoulSelf and ShadowSelf... Amnesia Recovery... Infinite Miracles!

Above video: September 2019!

Following text: November 2021!


Dear Diary ;) ...!

My jaw is *DROPPED* as I watch this video!

I have ZERO MEMORY of this video, or the experiences surrounding it, and I feel inspired by her words: "I allowed that hope to carry me, rather than drowning in whatever I was experiencing. I dared to use my imagination to float to potential better places, rather than focusing on the only place that I was presently existing. That was me planting seeds to nurture SoulSelf and allow for growth where I didn't even think it was possible!!"


Once upon a time, I couldn't even view videos from this season of life because I couldn't identify with or even recognize her, and that felt scary! Now, I see mySelf! ~ because I've deeply integrated my neural wiring to LIBERATE my consciousness! I resonate with who I see! I recognize her! I connect with her! Even without remembering those experiences, I SEE AN ASPECT OF ME when I watch this video!! (I couldn't experience that before!)

Before, I saw different people when I viewed pictures and videos of Kristin from this season of life, and that was BEAUTIFULLY MIRACULOUS in 200 trillion ways - for different regions of neural wiring to stimulate different experiences onto different aspects of consciousness that translated life into very different personal experiences: such a MIRACLE, wowza!.. Yet, it also held fear and confusion about who "I" was. It felt so challenging to not be able to connect with all of mySelf. :/ Through infinite healing seasons of sacred cosmic wonders, all trauma-related implicit neural fragments are now integrated, and all aspects of my divine consciousness are welcomed home to each other and to the present moment. :D That feels so neat-oh!

Once upon a time, it felt so difficult to view videos from this season of life because I COULDN'T REMEMBER ANY OF IT!, and that felt so terrifying!! :O Yet, now, I've accepted all that I AM and all I've experienced, and I stand in marveled awe and wonder at this woman I behold... the BEing that preceded who and where I AM today. WOAAAH :D



ShadowSelf and SoulSelf... constantly at PLAY within us... Who wins? They both do! (YAAYYY!!!) Because they're all a part of us! When they meet each other, consciousness develops infinite inner POWER, neural wiring heals and restores implicit health to a greater GLORY than ever before, and - along that journey - all corners and crevices of personal experience gradually transform from the inside-out.

Every BEing is beautifully miraculous and always allowed to be exactly who and where they are. Embracing the journey is always more important than striving for a specified destination. The POWER of LOVE and PRESENCE holds KEYS to limitless FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Identity and experience are NOT synonymous.

Ground in SoulSelf.

Nurture ShadowSelf.

Welcome all of yourSelf HOME to LOVE and PRESENCE.

Let go of everything else!

The stories simply aren't relevant when you're loving yourSelf in the present moment, and that SPACE of PURE BEING proffers profound FREEDOM!!!!!!

Taste it.

Wallow in it.

Dwell within its miraculous offerings for healing liberation.


Thanks for sharing the journey, beLOVEd soul friends.

With LOVE and LIGHT,

~Kristin Windsor

(and her Loving Awareness,

Inner Life Partner,

Inner Best Friend,

and Inner Child[ren]) ✨✨✨




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