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The Beauty of Our Shadow: Healing Deeply and Completely

ShadowSelves are Beautiful Too.

It's easy to label the darkness as something negative: "bad," "evil," "unwanted."

It's easy to dismiss the darkness with a biased desire for the light.

It's easy to push away our shadow selves.

But every part of us is worthy and deserving.

Life is contrast; contrast is life.

We do not have life experience without contrast.

The contrast is not good nor bad: it simply is.

When we create space for authentic BEingness—which is our true state, our genuine essence—then we create space for ALL that we are, without bias, limitation, judgment, or restriction.

Our shadow sides are just as beautiful, worthy, and gloriously deserving as our light sides.

At our core, we are LOVE. This is the greater truth of our BEing.

And even our shadow selves are worthy of knowing this LOVE that they, that we!, innately are.

Trees Have Shadow Selves Too

BEing a member of humanKIND means having all aspects of experience, the light and the dark alike.

Releasing the need to judge our darkness creates space for LOVE to flow through us.

Eventually, all shadow is illuminated and the light grows within all of our aspects.

During this process, though, it's important to create space for the darkness.

This doesn't mean always agreeing with its messages or allowing it to rule us, control us, or make decisions for us.

But it does mean allowing for its presence, letting go of the need to force or control, and prioritizing unconditional compassion and pure presence.

Our shadow self is just subconscious parts who have a wounded inner child.

A Tree and Its Shadow Self

How would you speak to a child?

Why not speak to yourself with such gentleness?

What might change if you dared to be kinder to your own inner being?

Every aspect of life has a shadow side: there is always a side that is darker, less illuminated, less pure in appearance.

This is where beauty is found. Contrast is where life thrives! And life is beautiful.

Contrast is allowed to be beautiful. We are allowed to embrace the contrast of our beings and of our personal experiences.

It is safe to soften. It is safe to allow for the relentless creation of tender space. It is safe to trust the process of our miraculous becoming. It is safe to allow for all that is and for all that we are.

It is safe to release ego's need for control. It is safe to soften into the Power of the Now without conditions. It is safe to be fully present without an agenda. It is safe to let go of all judgments, conclusions, and summarized narratives.

Have you ever witnessed darkness dancing with the light?

The moon's ember glow in the dead of night?

Rain clouds gently rolling across an illuminated sky?

Tree's shadow speckling the pavement at its feet?

That portion of the yard not yet revealed by sunshine?

Your own tears shedding themselves?

Your own emotions dancing within you?