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Returning Home: Moving Back to California.

Returning Home

As I prepare to return home to live with my parents in Northern California, I instinctively brainstorm how to make this a POSITIVE transition. I want beautiful things to look forward to, both goals to pursue & beautiful/ enticing/ alluring experiences that await me.

My focus is still my mental health advocacy mission & my healing journey. Below describes my primal focal points as I return to California & proceed along this road to remission as I learn to live with dissociative identity disorder.

(For those who feel "lost" reading this, click here to watch a video of my story about mental health struggles.)

The Kristin Chronicles

Sharing my healing journey is changing lives every day & I am honoured & thrilled to continue this beautiful work. Every single day, I am posting to Instagram, Facebook, & YouTube. Every day, I am responding to comments & messages from a dozen+ beautiful souls. Every day, I am a helping hand & open ear to anyone in need along their own healing journey, whether they struggle with a mental illness or a close loved one does.

A Healing Lifestyle

This healing journey is successful because I've created a Healing Lifestyle: nothing I do is wasted. Every effort I put forth is related to my healing journey in some capacity. It needs to be; this journey is insane, complex, never-ending, & I want to make as much progress as possible this year! This includes letting go of the need to "fit in" & have "fun" the way other people around my age tend to. I choose to focus on my healing journey & invest my all in it.

Individual Therapy

Thus far, I have been unable to locate any therapist within 40 miles qualified to help me who also takes my insurance. I am not giving up though! In the meantime, I have ALL the tools I need to continue making progress along my healing journey as I learn to live with dissociative identity disorder.

Physical Therapy

I have no idea how I will afford physical therapy, but I know it is a desperate need for me personally, & I am trusting God to provide. The most serious injuries that need addressing are on the right side of my body: my wrist/ hand, hip, & shoulder, all from separate incidences.


Continue exploring the healing potential within aromatherapy resources, including essential oils & candles/ incense. (Click here for my vlog about aromatherapy.)

Emotional Support Animals

Living on a farm again will be INCREDIBLE for my mental health!! I will be able to keep my emotional support animal, PookieBear the cat, as well. :) (Click the following for video blogs about pet therapy: video1, video2, video3, video4, video5, & video6.)

Sober Living

No alcohol. No drugs. No psychiatric medications unless my condition severely worsens & I have no other options for optimal survival. I will only utilize medical marijuana as necessary. When I am stable, I do NOT enjoy smoking marijuana; when I am not stable, it is completely necessary. (Click here for my latest video about medical marijuana. Click here for a longer video about medical marijuana.)

Continue Building The Kristin Chronicles Community

I've worked extremely hard over the past few months building up my website! It's now a fully interactive website with dozens of incredible pages with great content to browse! One of the many great pages is the "Kindred Connections" forum. I aim to continue building this beautiful community through continued invested effort with the help of social media promotions. There are also several other pages that are a work in progress, including Meet the Artist, Kristin's Coping Tools, & Joining the Journey. (Click here to see my official Kristin Chronicles website.)

Patreon Income

My goal is to be making $500/ month by summertime through my Patreon platform. When I think about chasing this, I feel quite ridiculous, to be perfectly honest; I do not feel worthy of receiving financial aid doing what I am already doing. That's my own insecurities from past trauma talking, though, & I genuinely feel like that is what is meant to happen to help me crawl out of this pit of disability & never having enough money for basic necessities. :) I believe this is the Universe finally recognizing all the effort I've invested in helping beautiful souls over the years. (Click here to see my Patreon webpage.)


I will continue playing guitar & singing from the soul. I hope to collaborate with friends who are also musicians in the Bay Area. (Click here for a webpage of my original music. Click here for my latest song cover titled Sweet Dreams.)

Making the Most of Home

From playing board games with family to learning how to cook with my mom, I intend to spend as many stable days in the family atmosphere as possible, appreciating the experience while I can.

Photography & Photoshoots

I've really missed photography & photoshoots. Now, I have a plan to use this hobby as a part of my career, not only to further my own life mission but to help others along the way. Moving back to California provides more opportunities for this: I already have three incredible photographer friends excited to shoot with me. (Click here to see my photography website portfolio.)

Physical Exercise

Jogs. Hikes. Bike rides. Yoga. Tai chi. Ab workouts. Daily stretching. I'm ready to dig into exercise with discipline like never before, & my body desperately needs this lifestyle adjustment.

Pole Dancing

Although the pole dancing classes are too expensive (3x the price they were in Colorado & I never even submitted to paying that amount! lol), I look forward to attending "open pole" for $10/ hour. As of now, it looks like it's offered every Wednesday. :) Location: "Ultimate Pole" at 7560 Monterey Rd. #204, Gilroy, CA 95020 (8 miles, 15 minutes from home). (Click here to see my video about pole dancing therapy. Click here for my webpage of original pole dancing.)