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Introducing A New Perspective About What It Means to Be a Person: The Pyramid of Personhood and Its

~ Pyramid of Personhood and Aspects of Personhood ~

Within human consciousness exists three primary layers: the conscious awareness, subconscious realms, and unconscious states.

The conscious awareness comprises the observable mind. Unconscious states compose the entirety of body-brain systems. Subconscious realms are the middle-ground landscape that aid in communicative connection between the mind and body.

Within these three layers exist the Aspects of Personhood that all of humankind experience in one way or another.

From these 13 aspects of personhood, infinite complexities of independently individualized elements of personhood are shaped, which create the unique life experiences and various versions of normalcy within humanKind.

Aspects of personhood existing in unconscious states include:

  1. Unique application of cranial nerves

  2. Unique brain region development, activation, and accessibility

  3. Unique brave wave regulation

  4. Unique activations of hormones and neurotransmitters

  5. Unique nervous system regulation

  6. Unique experience of 7 bodily senses, including vestibule and proprioception

  7. Unique neural networks of unconscious neuron synapses (ganglion)

Aspects of personhood existing in the subconscious realm include:

  1. Unique styles of stimulus-dependent neural activations

  2. Unique memory systems

  3. Unique attachment development, including interpersonal and intrapersonal connectivity as stemming from early childhood experiences

  4. Unique experience of parts, or energetic communicators between unconscious bodily aspects and conscious mental aspects

  5. Unique formation of meaning-making associations that comprise perspectives, beliefs, and personal stories ~ including selfceptions, or perspectives and conceptualizations about who self is that comprise internal and external understandings (i.e., who is self, and who is self in relation to surroundings: mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically; in the past, present, and potentials)

Aspects of personhood existing in the conscious awareness include:

  1. Unique access to the present moment, including focal point of intention and attention, perceptual awareness, and experiential sensations

These core aspects shaping personhood can be symbolized through a pyramid, with the lowest regions of the pyramid representing the foundational bodily aspects of unconscious states, the smallest portion at the top representing the conscious awareness, and the landscape in-between housing the subconscious realms.

The Pyramid of Personhood ~ Created by Kristin Windsor

This creates the Pyramid of Personhood, a simple explanation about what it means to be a person.

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