Part Two: Losing Consciousness in Cars.

This post is a follow-up to our first post about inexplicable sporadic losses of consciousness while in moving vehicles.

~ The Kristin Chronicles: Thursday, August 1, 2019 ~

We proceeded as planned, fully "armed" for the treacherous journey, all too deeply aware of the inescapable loss of consciousness to come.

When we left, we were severely dissociated in a protector state of consciousness {to be definitively described in a separate article}.

We had all of our tools handy as we laid backwards in the back passenger seat of the vehicle we would be riding in:

  • 4 frozen water bottle ice packs

  • tactile stimulation toys and accessories

  • noise-cancelling headphones connected to Coping Music Playlists© of our own creation from the past 5 years

  • weighted blanket for body

  • meditative mindfulness prioritized through unconditional presence

We laid down in the back passenger seat with back resting on the seat part of the chair, and legs extending upwards along the chair's backrest.

Laying backwards allowed for the motion of the vehicle to be processed reversely from usual, decreasing the unconscious activation of my medical condition.

Allowing our legs to be elevated, resting higher than heart, gave our body's blood flow a fighting chance.

The toughest part about this set-up was keeping our neck and head held up: they were the only body parts not supported by the van's chair in this situation.

On the drive home, we were conscious enough to create a new response to this problem: using our stuffed elephant Kalhoun to support our head and neck. But during the drive there, we were not conscious enough to concoct this alternate solution, and forced muscles to hold it upright or allowed it to droop without conscious muscular engagement.

The process was excruciatingly painful and difficult on a myriad of internal levels.

We meditated the entire time, prioritizing presence even through the intensive terror of the experience.

The effects of this experiment were wildly successful.

We felt astounded on the deepest level.

Shock does not even begin to articulate the sensations felt upon arriving at our destination.

Our method proved so effective that we were fully lucid when arriving at treatment, while we had been severely dissociated when leaving home.

We felt deeply amazed, completely floored, entirely baffled, wholly flabbergasted, by the wild success of our experiment, created entirely from our own knowledge gained through extensive researching while experiencing homelessness and disability these past many years.

We shared aspects of the experience with our doctor upon arriving.

Behind-the-Scenes: DID Mind-Body Connection Case Study at Musich Chiropractic Clinic

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We were so stable, or in such a lucidly-engaged energetic sympathetic state of consciousness, during the drive home that we even experimented as we approached our destination.

We sat forward to see what would happen: "I'm recording an experiment! I'm a mad scientist, Ocean style ~ unicorn style!" we excitedly exclaimed aloud.

8:45 minutes into recording our observational video for self-witnessing purposes, we swiveled our body around so we sat facing forward.

Bilateral Body Movements© allowed for conscious engagement as we began to sense bodily anxieties, tangibly feeling aspects of our consciousness beginning to disengage.

Our own neurobiology began unconsciously deactivating itself, simply because the body was moving forward through the motion of an accelerating vehicle.

My language centers dropped about 2 minutes after turning to face forward.

A few seconds later, our brow began to unconsciously furrow, our concentration increasing just to remain present.

We continued using Bilateral Body Movements© to allow for sustained engagement even through these terrifying events occurring deep within our unconscious neurobiology.

We continued meditating during this experience as well.

Video: Driving Home from Treatment

Despite our best efforts, we lost an aspect of consciousness as the video recording reached 12 minutes: just barely over 3 minutes after turning to face forward in the moving vehicle, we lost conscious control of our facial muscles along with conscious control of muscular movement in our right hand.

Loss of muscular movement, especially in one side of the body, is one of several key symptom in oxygen deprivation to the brain, otherwise known as cerebral hypoxia.

Thirty seconds later, we experienced an interesting form of unconscious muscle spasms within our face as the mouth began extending itself.

We remember first experiencing this last year in December 2018.

“I passed out from pain, but because I live with an inside-out consciousness, my conscious awareness didn’t go but my body went. I was still consciously aware that I was unconscious. My mouth was… The jaw here was drooped lower, and this lip—I can’t even mimic it!—was curled up… just the right part was curled up somehow… My whole head was numb… Specifically shooting in my ears was a tingly sensation… Specifically my brain was tingly numb, and my head was tingly numb: I could feel the layer of tingliness on my brain, and then the layer above it, a layer of tingliness on my head. Even now, you can tell when I’m talking my mouth moves very little. It’s still very shut down.

“It’s really fascinating because my conscious awareness doesn’t change: the extensive level to which I think in depth and observe in depth and retain these mindful things and connect the dots from what I observed a moment ago to what I’m obscuring now to what I’ve experienced in the past—that all remains in tact, completely. And yet, I can observe these parts of my body going unconscious. It’s because I live with an inside-out conscious: normally, the body would still be doing what it’s doing, and it would shut down the brain so you wouldn’t feel it; but instead, my body does its own thing, and my brain is totally intact, and I’m observing it all happening. All of this is {possible} through extensive meditation practices.”

~Kristin Windsor after treatment

with Dr. Luka Musich at Musich Chiropractic Clinic on the 12th of December, 2018

Skin rolling had activated this unconscious experience 8 months ago: releasing body memories caused me to lose consciousness.

~ Observational Summary ~

Sitting backwards in the vehicle {facing away from the forward motion of the vehicle}, laying down {allowing our legs to be higher than our body's heart}, engaging in meditative mindfulness especially with sensory stimulation {ice packs, tactile toys}, safely wrapped in a weighted blanket {allowing for a sense of bodily orientation in time and space when brain does not naturally offer that knowledge within experience}, and listening to Coping Music Playlists© through noise-cancelling headphones allowed us to sustain consciousness when we would otherwise lose it in a very literal way.

Sitting forward in the vehicle, even when in a completely lucid state of consciousness with all ribs in place {they partially dislocate on a regular basis; we had just had them worked on}, causes loss of language centers, loss of conscious muscle control, and symptoms of oxygen deprivation within 3-5 minutes.

~ The Kristin Chronicles: Friday, August 2, 2019 ~

This method proved so effective that we used it the following day when going to our next chiropractic treatment session.

This time, we laid down on the floor of the vehicle, learning from the difficulties of the day before.

The only challenge this added was the vibrations felt as the vehicle moved.

Just like the day before, we had all our tools handy as we laid down backwards on the back floor of the vehicle, with one addition.

We knew it would be hard to hold our legs up in the air, so we brought our body pillow to add support for the experience.

Altogether, our Coping Trick© supplies included:

  • peppermint

  • 4 frozen water bottle ice packs

  • tactile stimulation toys and accessories

  • noise-cancelling headphones connected to Coping Music Playlists© of our own creation

  • weighted blanket for body

  • body pillow, folded, for leg support

We laid down on the floor so we could extend our body, backwards and elevated, without being forced to hold our neck up, which is extremely challenging, in this state of consciousness especially.

Laying backwards allowed for the motion of the vehicle to be processed reversely from usual.

Legs elevated, resting higher than heart, gave our body's blood flow a fighting chance.

Although the vibrations were intensive, we were able to lean in to the experience and allow for the all-consuming vibrations to be a part of our experience.

We safely made it to the appointment without a severe loss of consciousness.

The day before, our sympathetic nervous system was worked on, activating our sympathetic parts of consciousness and the memories they carry.

On this day, our parasympathetic nervous system was worked on, activating our parasympathetic parts of consciousness and the memories they unconsciously carry.

The next time we ventured to treatment, we would make brand new discoveries and receive an adjustment we've never had before!

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