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✨ Profound Soul Mission Statement through Amnesia✨ May 23rd, 2019 ✨

"I often don't know who I AM...."

Kristin created this video for herSelf on May 23rd, 2019, while living with adaptable consciousness condition.

This was around the time that Kristin had fully pieced together details of the suppressed childhood trauma while transforming other trauma-related neural wiring and their associated health challenges.

She could not create conscious explicit memories in relation to a sense of self (this continued from 2017-2020). Multiple forms of amnesia were among the hundreds of health challenges and unique manifestations of dissociation she encountered during this season of healing.

Because of the severe amnesia, Kristin often created content for herSelf so she could witness her own existence and communicate with her self-aspects.

Please explore part 1 of her KNOWN documentary series to discover her complete healing journey saga @

Following her soul's calling to provide understanding and healing for unconscious body-minds has been Kristin's full-time life pursuit since beginning her Implicit Revelations Case Study in 2017.

This Spirit-guided, Soul-led, Consciousness-driven mission transcends all sensations of circumstance, experience, and impossibility.

Discover more about her work and offerings in the description below.


Original Video Title: "Coping with Dissociative Amnesia: Hi, I'm Kristin Windsor, & I'm 26 years-old... 5/23/19 KKW K2"

(*NOTE! Efforts of the Dissociative Identity Movement were redirected towards the Implicit Revelations Case Study and Kristin's Consciousness Consultancy.)


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Kristin offers 1-on-1 consciousness consultations, ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours, through audio or video calls.

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