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2017 Patreon Introduction: Redoing It Now 12/25/18!


I envision a world where differences are celebrated rather than shunned, where the unknown is explored rather than feared, & where vulnerability is considered a strength rather than a weakness. "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Creating substantial world-change begins with a personal transformation. I must heal myself from the inside out.


Why is this mission so important? Millions of people worldwide suffer from this all-consuming disorder that completely affects how the brain & body function on a day to day basis. There is no cure. There is barely even treatment available. Change begins with awareness. Healing is possible, but we can't do it alone. I am organizing the Dissociative Identity Movement. Presenting, we have a Facebook group with representatives from England, Nigeria, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, & over a dozen states across the US. Every day, we discuss aspects about dissociative disorders & brainstorm creative ways to share our insights with the world. {} Someday, the public will know what it means to exist as a multi-conscious mind. Someday, effective standardized treatment will exist for DID. Someday, people struggling with a dissociative disorder will no longer need to suffer to the extent we do now. It all begins here & now, along this healing journey. Let's change history.


What am I up against? Why is this healing journey such a big deal & huge challenge? I am currently recovering from, both mentally & physically:

  1. severe hip displacement (both sides fully twisted) of 10 years (2008-2018)

  2. repeated ankle injuries, especially right ankle (~2005-2015, sprains & twists)

  3. eleven years of chronic self-harm (2007-2018)

  4. a variety of on & off substance abuse (used to cope with the voices, depression, anxiety, insomnia, dissociation, & variety of PTSD symptoms)

  5. sexual assault April 2011 in California

  6. sexual assault May 2015 in Colorado

  7. apartment fire January 2016 (in Colorado)

  8. abuse & neglect from mental health “professionals” (2015-2017)

  9. emotional & mental abuse from dozens of people I once considered friends (due to how my dissociative identity was distorting my sense of reality & I lacked the support, tools, & awareness to properly combat it during that time)

  10. malnutrition from homelessness & being disabled

  • weigh 15 pounds less now than healthy weight in 2013 (last time I was stable)

  • weigh 35 pounds less than high school

  • weigh similar to childhood (before teenage years)

  1. displaced knees, etc. from improper pole dancing (2015-2017) & from hip displacement (2008-2018)

  2. 1 full year of head trauma (2017-2018) that severely shifted an important butterfly-shaped bone in my skull (that we've been treating through nasal-cranial ther

  3. accepting diagnosis of DID, dissociative identity disorder (& the reality of having suppressed childhood trauma of some kind)

  4. physical assault August 2017 (causing both mental & physical trauma that I am still working through, including 7 broken bones in my wrist & elbow)

  5. physical assault February 2018 (that also caused both mental & physical trauma that I am still working through, including severe chronic feet pain; it still hurts to stand & walk)


Short-term goals: goals I am working towards within the next 6 months to 2 years: ~ Reduce severity of trigger impact ~ Increase ability to recover from triggers, including panic attacks ~ Develop sufficient resilience & coping tricks to be able to leave the house on my own again ~ Processing a variety of traumas from the past 20 years Long-term goals: looking 2-5 years into the future: ~ Create a Mental Health Healing Journey Workbook ~ Create a Dissociative Identity Workbook ~ Write a book with journal & activity prompts to cultivate deeper self-love ~ Write a book of memoirs with my story (working title: "Known" ~ a rewrite of the 400 page manuscript lost in the apartment fire in 2016) General topics I will address along my healing journey ~ Self-harm ~ Substance abuse & addiction ~ Dissociation ~ Disability ~ Anxiety ~ Trauma ~ Depression ~ Different types of flashbacks ~ What is a dissociative identity? ~ Repressed memories ~ Neurodevelopmental disorders versus mental disorders ~ Mental disorders such as MDD, SAD, bipolar disorder, PTSD, CPTSD, BPD, DID, DDNOS/OSDD, & more


To fully embrace this healing journey, I have created a Healing Journey Homeschool that I hold myself accountable to every single day. It's a combination between an in-patient mental health treatment program, & a creative writing course. I follow a strict daily coping routine, from the moment I wake up until the time I get ready for bed. Every day, I am working on multiple projects that allow me to move forward in understanding my mind's madness & in communicating it in an effectively useful manner, such as through thoroughly-edited blog articles. Healing Journey Homeschool Course Overview: ~Discover Your Inner World Course ~Embracing the Artistry of Existence Course ~Motivational Inspiration Film & Photo Course ~Cultivating Healthy Habits Course ~Shop Class: Building a Coping Tricks Toolbox ~Radical Acceptance (Trauma Therapy) Course ~Creative Arts Course ~Expressions of Gratitude Course ~Becoming Known Course ~School of Universal Laws, an online course won through an instagram #SOUL challenge ~Exploring Existence Course


By becoming a patron, you make my healing possible. Medicine to help stabilize my brain & body as much as possible, relieving pain & allowing me to function! Funds to explore new coping methods! You are changing so many lives by helping me change mine. Let's change the world together.

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