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The 2019 Concept for the Dissociative Identity Movement.

~~~Excitedly Announcing the New Format for the Dissociative Identity Movement~~~

Originally, I created the Dissociative Identity Movement from a dissociative survival standpoint, desperately fighting for the information I’d discovered to be shared with the general public.

Now that I am progressing with healing & have an increased capacity to engage my neocortex/ prefrontal cortex/ brain’s frontal lobes, I see that the Dissociative Identity Movement has more potential than just sharing already known information: the Dissociative Identity Movement is destined to help evolve humankind towards new knowledge, new information, & new pieces to the healing journey puzzle.

The new Dissociative Identity Movement addresses a wider worldwide audience by exploring consciousness & the neuroscience of life experience in order to bridge worlds between uniconscious minds & multiconscious minds & ultimately benefit all of humankind.


The Dissociative Identity Movement initiates a worldwide conversation about consciousness, aspects of personality, & the neurobiology of life experience in order to pave a pathway of understanding, acceptance, appreciation, & renewed healing opportunities for warriors living with dissociative identity disorder (DID).

The Dissociative Identity Movement explores brain & body in relation to personality & consciousness, advocates for individuals living with dissociative identity disorder (DID), empowers new treatment modalities for trauma survivors , explores breathing, mindfulness, meditation, vocal vibrations, & body movement for internal healing, & empowers new neuro-research regarding dissociative identity disorder (DID).


The Dissociative Identity Movement is an annual month-long worldwide mental health advocacy movement launching in March 2020.


The Dissociative Identity Movement, founded by Kristin Windsor & joined by warriors worldwide, explores work by authors Janina Fisher, Peter A. Levine, Bessel van der Kolk, & Amy B. Scher.

The Dissociative Identity Movement appeals to all members of humanity, especially:

  • warriors living with dissociative identity disorder {DID}

  • neuroscientists, neuroresearchers, neurobiologists

  • children, teenagers, parents

  • doctors, psychiatrists, therapists

  • individuals battling mental health struggles, including but not limited to diagnoses of DID, OSDD, DP/DR, BPD, CPTSD, PTSD, & OCD

  • healers within alternative medicines

  • artists, musicians, dancers

  • foster parents, social workers, counselors

  • explorers of consciousness, lovers of the mind, warriors of the heart


The Dissociative Identity Movement shares its work online & in communities worldwide.

Official social media platforms include:


Humankind is evolving to new heights: we're traveling to the moon, curing incurable diseases, & creating pocket-size technology with millions of resources & opportunities.

Yet human beings have extremely little understanding of who they are, why they function in the manner that they do, & where their power is within life experience. Stress pervades society, costing millions of people peace, joy, fulfillment, & even life expectancy.

Our explorations continue to grow externally yet not internally. Though experiences & opportunities expand, capacity for depth of interpersonal connection & intrapersonal empowerment do not.

It is time to create healing change. Humankind is evolved enough now to explore consciousness & create renewed understanding for all aspects of the human experience.

The Dissociative Identity Movement creates opportunities to understand the human condition, with infinite applications to benefit the collective consciousness of humankind.

Among the beauties of consciousness are multi-conscious minds, individuals living with a dissociative identity caused by complex trauma.

Trauma survivors endure endless invisible battles, & bringing their power & beauty to light will heal the entire world.