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✨ Kristin's 2019 Commitment to Consciousness ✨ Miraculous Journey towards Creating New MAGICK!✨

"On April 30th, 2018, my parts of consciousness began dating one another in order to cultivate deeper self-love." ~Kristin, 25 seconds into this video from June 16, 2019, originally titled "Kristin's Commitment to Consciousness ~ Conscious Awareness Self Promises Vows to Subconscious Parts."

**THIS** is where my concepts of the INNER LIFE PARTNER first began!!!!

3 whole YEARS(!) before I could create conscious, explicit memories in relation to a sense of SELF!!

I have NO memory of creating this video!, yet EVERY seed she planted GREW into BEAUTIFUL GARDENS I now enJOY daily!!! :D

Woah!... :O


My life is like a giant cosmic puzzle, and putting each piece into place is SO THRILLING..! ;)

OK, so check this awesome coolness out, soul friends...


✨Implicit Revelations Case Study: Thesis Statement #16 ~ Individuals possess infinite power to transform unconscious attachment systems, especially when the observational self embodies three roles for the experiential self: romantic lover (life partner), best friend, and a parent to the inner child. (Explore more @ ✨


✨This blog post about Kristin's mirror meditations from 2019...... ✨


✨The first launch of "Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER"... ✨

Even without an ability to create conscious explicit memories in relation to a sense of self, the healing WONDERS gradually evolved anyways!

My jaw is dropped in astounded awe: I don't remember these experiences from 2019, yet they led HERE!


I AM soooo excited to share more with you..! :D



"Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER: Dear Inner Life Partner,..." Healing Journey Program Sneak Peek!

~~~ ~~~


During this 1-3 year healing journey program, the observational self grows attachments with the inner life partner (present-day adult self) while expressing profound LOVE through an audio love letter and intimate mirror connectivity.




Content includes:

~82 page PLAYbook

~5 videos


Benefits include:

~growing attachments with your present-day adult self

~healing all 4 internal attachments systems

~healing emotional and physical intimacy sculptures within the neurobiological social engagement system

~healing liberation within automated navigation and regulation throughout the unconscious body-mind

~profound union for consciousness!


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{PS! “Mere Play with Mirror Power” is a NEW series of healing journey practices offered exclusively through Kristin’s Consciousness Consultancy. Kristin Windsor, consciousness consultant, applies insights from her IMPLICIT REVELATIONS Case Study (2017-2022) to provide profoundly powerful activities that cultivate healing liberation in the deepest possible ways! Her Personal Dimensions Theory, along with insights about internal attachments, are the primary foundation from which “Mere Play with Mirror Power” was birthed. These practices apply mirrors in a variety of imaginative ways to rewire brain-body systems, unite parts of consciousness, and gradually ignite positive transformation from the inside-out!}



Kristin's Consciousness Consultancy


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