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New Perspectives: Exploring the World through the Lens of My Bicycle's Basket

New Perspectives: Exploring the World through the Lens of My Bicycle's Basket

"Today is all about new perspectives. This is a perspective of riding in the basket of our bike! I want to know what my basket sees."

"I wonder what it would be like to see the sky all day instead of the ground. That's the perspective of my basket! Can you imagine if your whole perspective was of the sky and you didn't see the ground or the trees or the landscape or the roads or the houses or the cars, and all you saw, all day everyday, was JUST the SKY? And you didn't even have a perceptual awareness of what the ground looked like because you never saw it????

2:53 ~ "Perspective is our power! When we can shift to a different perspective, it helps us gain overall perspective, and it helps us see our old perspective in new light, and helps us see other potential perspectives we might not have noticed before, and helps us gain appreciation for perspectives, and helps us create space to explore new perspectives from a new perspective! And all of that offers personal power.

3:30 ~ "Perspective is our power. Anything we can do to shift our perspective of literally anything can help us grow our cognitive capacities of consciousness so that we have more power moving through our life experience.

4:22 ~ "Look at the trees! Look at the way the trees look from the view of my basket! I love it! See, my basket can't see the Christmas lights I'm looking at, and that makes me appreciate the Christmas lights all the more because there could be a perspective where I don't get to see them. SO PRETTY!! Sooo preettttyyyy!!! ^_^

4:50 ~ "OK, so I guess the sky perspective: you would get to see the tops of trees sometimes; but you wouldn't see where the trees are coming from, and you wouldn't see short trees, and you wouldn't see bushes, and you wouldn't see flowers! And that can help us appreciate bushes and short trees and flowers... And grass! And grass; you're right (speaking inside)... All the more because there COULD be a perspective where we don't get to see those things.

5:19 ~ "I don't know: that might've been a stick; it might've been a snake. Wanna go inspect? (speaking inside). Yeah, you do. Yeah, you do.

5:41 ~ "It's a stick. But it could've been a snake! I like your perspective, and the openness you have to perspectives.

5:50 ~ "This is fun! It's like a go-pro but it's not. We've always wanted a go-pro but we don't have one, LOL!

5:58 ~ "New perspectives, though. You know what I'm saying? I think one reason we love TV shows and movies and books (when we can focus on reading) and watching the lives of other people through video blogs or documentaries or whatever it might be... is because we get that new perspective... and it helps us have a deeper, more expansive, fresher perspective of our own lives, which helps us appreciate our own lives on a deeper level. It helps us be more open to our own lives from a new angle. It helps us to see the beauties of our lives from a new way."

~Kristin Windsor, Exploring Existence as/with a Certifiable Vagabond

***ran out of memory to record on phone, LOL!***


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~the Dream Team of Kristin's Miraculous Consciousness


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