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Learning to Recognize my SoulSelf

My SoulSelf feels fear as fuel,

propelling energy forward,

transforming prospect into actuality,

turning potential into reality.

My SoulSelf enjoys writing,

loves the flow of words wrapped up in human emotion,

so gentle & tender & wild & powerful.

She is not afraid of her emotions.

She honours them,

praising their beauty,

respecting their lessons,

wrapping their memory into pieces of original art.

My SoulSelf makes music in the darkness

because who needs to see when the

sound of Light can be created?

My SoulSelf is afraid of not seizing the day

much more than she is afraid of "failing."

My SoulSelf never, ever gives up.

Never EVER.

My SoulSelf dreams big. She loves getting

lost in her daydreams.

There's no such thing as dreaming too big.

My SoulSelf enjoys meditating,

diving into the noisy quiet of conscious abyss,

exploring realms within her being she didn't even know were there

but she followed a feeling & discovered Atlantis.

My SoulSelf is spontaneous.

The only form of anxiety she feels

is the excitement building as she leaps into her next great adventure.

My SoulSelf fully trusts herself.

She beliefs in herself limitlessly.

She loves herself unconditionally.

She is empowered by her own magical, miraculous existence.

My SoulSelf is proud of being a warrior.

There is no resentment towards her mission

because she sees the full wonder of it all.

She sees the big picture

& knows deep within that she is exactly where she needs to be

so there is no need to worry. :)

My SoulSelf.................

I feel like she's not even real.

She feels SO far away.

A mirage

A memory

A dream

A fantasy

A wish of mine....................

Someday, I hope to become her,

or uncover the truth of her existence within my being..................

For now, I will simply try to believe

that it's possible.<3

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