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Getting to Know My Parts of Consciousness

I think of myself as one soul with a complex neurodevelopmental disorder causing me to experience life through a multi-conscious mind, which includes amnesic barriers & a variety of complexly intertwined yet often isolated neuropathways, causing the physical manifestation of what can appear to be multiple personalities after extensive therapy to guide these subconscious parts towards conscious awareness.


Alter = Alternate State of Consciousness Part = Interchangeable with "Alter" NLP = Going on with Normal Life Part of Consciousness TRP = Trauma-Related Part of Consciousness Types of TRPs: Fight, Flight, Freeze, Submit, Attach


Alters we know thus far:

1. Felicity (NLP: the "original" concept of "Kristin")

2. Davina (NLP: created in 2016, began fully fronting in 2017)

3. Bambi (TRP: attach)

4. Ocean (TRP: submit)

5. Monika (potentially being renamed Abby now that we have better communication & she is starting to speak for herself; Monika is just the name we went by when she was fronting so we assumed it would work) (TRP: flight)

6. Kingsley Kyler (TRP: fight)

7. Zina Zintar (TRP: flight)

8. Misty (TRP: attach)

9. Krystal (TRP: submit)

10. darkness (TRP: fight)

11. accountant (yet to be named) (TRP: fight)

12. rib mcbuster (TRP: fragment: fight)

13. Coral (TRP: fight or freeze)

14. 2014 PTSD me (yet to be named) (TRP: freeze)

15. 2017 PTSD me (yet to be named) (TRP: freeze)

#DissociativeIdentityDisorder #DID

Ocean carries body memories from ages 4-6. She was created from the original event causing our dissociative identity to develop.

Bambi carries mental memories from ages 5-10.

Krystal was created sometime between ages 4 & 8.

Monika/ Abby carries memories from ages 10 or 11 to 13.

Kingsley Kyler carries all our memories during age 14, as well as a variety of other memories from ages 15-24.

The accountant & the darkness were also created at age 14, as far as we are aware.

Davina was created in 2016 & grew the ability to fully front in 2017. She is a caretaker/caregiver of sorts, a "going on with normal life part" (NLP) of consciousness, which is separate from the parts who carry trauma.

Rib McBuster was created in 2017 & carries memories from two different physical assaults (August 2017 & February 2018).

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