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Dissociative Identity Movement Committees Seeking Warrior Volunteers :)!

Committees Within The Dissociative Identity Movement

Welcome to the list of amazing committees within the Dissociative Identity Movement!

We are a volunteer-based non-profit worldwide advocacy movement striving to create positive, empowering, healing world-change through explorations of personality, aspects of consciousness, & the neurobiology of life experience.

Below are a variety of suggestions for ways warrior soul friends can contribute to the cause of the Dissociative Identity Movement.

Please join our daily group discussions on Facebook at, or email the movement's founder Kristin Windsor at with any questions or ideas.

The Gift of Sanity Committee.

The Gift of Sanity Campaign is all about exploring the neurobiology of life experience in order to help deepen the gratitude felt for sanity & the compassion felt for lack of sanity within humankind/society.

Mosaic Mind Pride Committee.

The Mosaic Mind Pride Campaign seeks to explore & celebrate the glorious wonders & powerful beauty of multi-conscious minds in order to deep compassion, acceptance, & appreciation for those living with dissociative identities worldwide.

Little Mosaics Committee.

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public page @

~~it's secret, so email haley for access???~ private group @

Raising Mosaics Committee.

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Exploring the Science of DID Committee.

Exploring the Science of DID committee is focused on exploring parts of consciousness through 3 specific avenues:

  • left & right brain hemispheres

  • sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous system regulation

  • neocortex + limbic system + primitive reptilian brain

Through extensive research & collaborate discussions, we seek to make new discoveries to explain the experiences & healing necessities when living with dissociative identity disorder (DID) & similar trauma-related disorders, including those on the spectrum of structural dissociation.

HandWritten Letters of EmPOWERment Committee.

The Handwritten Letters of Empowerment Committee has projects every few weeks to create a small hand-created card {or scanned or typed letter through email for international warriors} to empower warriors contributing to work within the Dissociative Identity Movement.