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My Morning Coping Routine.

Morning Coping Routine

to Achieve Optimal Functioning Capacity

Mandatory Morning Wake-Up Coping Routine: Before I Go Outside:

  • begin upon awakening (don’t wait!)

  • deep breaths with essential oils

  • apply deodorant (& optional body spray)

  • record yesterday’s Healing Journey Homeschool progress in planner

  • brush hair & put it up

  • think or speak empowering, positive affirmations &/or gratitude

  • take CBD tincture(s)

Mandatory Morning Wake-Up Coping Routine: When I Go Outside:

  • Begin between 7 & 10 AM

  • Mandatory Nature Therapy. Go outside first thing for at least one hour.

  • Brief journaling or self-hypnosis to check in with myself/selves, which means all parts of consciousness individually (my selves, really)

  • Mandatory Morning Empowerment. Write affirmations in “I’m awesome” journal. If trauma-related parts (TRPs) are too dominant to write, please read a minimum of 5 pages from “I’m Awesome” journal.

  • Mandatory Musical Empowerment. Begin utilizing coping playlists immediately. Best playlists: Morning Stability, emPOWERing summer 2018, Reclaiming Personal Power, Reading & Writing, & for TRPs “emotional outlet” or “alternative rock” (or “angry release” for bad PTSD days) playlists on Spotify @kristinchronicles.

  • Mandatory Morning Body Movement. Dance, sing, hum, walk, do gentle yoga—anything utilizing your body to positively ground you in the present moment.

  • Optional Optimism Reading. Flip to any page of Think Positive Thoughts Every Day: Words to Inspire a Brighter Outlook on Life book & read until feelings positively shift.

  • Mandatory Aromatherapy. Use any & all available aromatherapy tools during morning grounding routine: burn sage, palo santo, or incense; smell the flower of medical marijuana or lavender; breathe in nature’s fresh air; use aromatherapy tools if need be.

  • Mandatory Morning Grounding through physical touch: pet PookieBear, grip rose petals between fingers, focus on the sun’s warmth, ground self in nature through positive physical stimuli.

  • Apply medical marijuana as needed (but no more). First dose is typically applied around 11 AM or noon nowadays (except when more TRP are present). (Keep taking observational notes about usage.)

  • Avoid: TV, music not specific to coping, jumping into trauma work or adulting responsibilities without intensive grounding first.

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