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Autumn Morning Ritual + New Monthly Rituals.

Felicity, the going on with normal life part of Kristin Collective/ the Kristin Chronicles, is now the host of our dissociative identity again. {Trauma parts were in charge for a long time before this.}

We are establishing a healthy morning routine with an intentional mindset process. We wrote about this at the beginning of September. Now, as the month concludes, we strive to establish autumn's coping rituals {daily routines} more concretely.

  1. Body usually wakes up with nightmares by 6 AM: smoke & go back to bed. If unable to sleep right away, journal in bed or invest in a self-hypnosis or meditation session.

  2. Fully wake up around 8 or 9 AM: stretch before getting out of bed. While adjusting to being in my body, express gratitude: aloud or internally, but make sure to FEEL the feelings associated with gratitude; a subtle smile should be inevitable.

  3. Rise from bed around 9 AM: make a cup of tea first thing. While the water is heating, feed the indoor & outdoor cats, saying hello with tender love.

  4. Desk work 9-11 AM: chase the joy; follow the passionate inspiration; never remain stuck or investing in a joy-less project.

  5. Once feeling more awake {which usually manifests as exhaustion}, engage in exercise, whether it's a short walk or some gentle yoga: lovingly engage my body.

A few personal boundaries for morning time:

  • Every time I think about going on social media, ask myselves, "What's 1 thing I could do to love myself a little louder right now?" Social media, looking at what others are doing, & turning to external validation are all means of escaping my own present feelings or challenges. It is time to teach this subconscious that we don't need to escape anymore.

  • Do not read online comments or messages {emails, FB, IG, YouTube, website/blog} until ready & wanting to respond. Felicity & Davina are the only parts "in charge" of online correspondence.

  • Minimal interaction with family before becoming fully grounded.

As September ends, we also embrace the monthly rituals we have been brainstorming these past few months.

Empty Phone Photo Album. This involves sorting through the month's videos & photographs, sharing online if that was the purpose of them, & saving in a folder on my external hard drive through my laptop for my long-term records/ reference.

{~To Be Continued~}

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