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✨Mirror-aculous MagiiicK! ✨ How I Rewired My Brain By Singing, Dancing, and Laughing in Mirrors! ✨

Greetings, beLOVEd soul friends!

THANK YOU sooo much for exploring my content creations! And THANK YOU for reading this caption, as it explains WHY I am sharing this video, and HOW it relates with my PassionPurposeSoulBliss.

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This video is from spring 2017, riiight before Kristin first began her self-orchestrated IMPLICIT REVELATIONS Case Study. She jumped from teaching herself to pole dance to teaching herself neuroscience in less than 6 months! (What was unfolding during that season?

Long before the Liberated Consciousness Diagram was created, the ideas began sprouting within Kristin's consciousness. The 4 subconscious sectors 1st presented themselves as concepts of "fairy personality expressions" in spring 2017 ~ Kristin enJOYed PLAYing with the idea of BEing a faerie, and noticed that there were different types of aspects within her. She created colours to represent them and described their characteristics.

After 4 years of the most indescribably profound healing journey (, Kristin completed the Liberated Consciousness Diagram ~ a BRAND NEW WAY to understand the EXPANSIVE inner workings of the unconscious body-mind, simplifying TRILLIONS of complex neural pathways into a COLOURFUL diagram that's EASY in NUMEROUS ways!

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When this video was filmed, Kristin had just begun the journey of exploring her alternate states of consciousness. After DAILY investments in her IMPLICIT REVELATIONS Case Study from 2017-2021, she discovered the NEUROSCIENCE of uniqueorders (unique order, not a 'disorder'), including "adaptable consciousness condition".

FREEly explore theses #7-10 (videos+text) for further insight:



During the spring of 2017, Kristin enJOYed teaching herself how to pole dance as a form of EXERCISE and EXPRESSION.

In the spring of 2021, Kristin could not remember ANY of her life, from early childhood to adulthood experiences.

She watched these pole dancing videos and felt MIND BLOWN that she'd ever been able to teach herself how to dance. (She never felt very coordinated, LOL! Then again... she also struggled with science in school, yet taught herself neuroscience while battling multiple forms of amnesia... So, ya know, she enJOYs conquering impossibilities as they arise...!)

Just a year and a half later (late summer 2022), nearly ALL of the neural wiring from CHILDHOOD through ADULTHOOD ~ from ages 2-12, through the adulthood experiences of pole dancing, and everything in between ~ are now EXPANSIVELY INTEGRATED...........






MEMORY DATA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


...! Mirrorthons!

A specific process

of practicing social self-engagement

to nurture internal attachments

while PLAYing in MIRRORS!!

[Explore thesis #29 for further insight: towards the lower region of the page @]

These practices are FUN. EASY. &EnJOYable!

Kristin created these Mirrorthon practices from the ground-up through her IMPLICIT REVELATIONS journey and has been applying them for 2-8 hours EVERY DAY for the past FOUR YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

After yet another 2.5 hour Mirrorthon one night, Kristin awoke the following day to discover deeper integration of memories from 2017 (referencing this dance video).

The most PROFOUND aspect of this DEEP integration is that IMPLICIT memories achieve RADICAL transformation, even without DIRECTLY working with ANY specific past experiences!

The unconscious BODY gains NEW connections regarding how it FELT and MOVED, from 28 years ago to 5 years ago, which IMPROVES navigation and regulation unfolding beyond awareness. Aspects of self-essence UNITE, arriving HOME to each other and a BRAND NEW present moment. The Self then feels more FREE and WHOLE to FEEL and MOVE into deeper loving presence.

Connecting EXPLICIT memories achieves very little in the healing journey. Uplifting and expanding IMPLICIT memories compleeetely TRANSFORMS how the entire unconscious bodymind exists and operates! Not only can Kristin explicitly know about the conscious FACTS and FEELINGS from her entire lifetime (impossible just 1.5 years ago), but the UNCONSCIOUS sensations and movements are now CONNECTED in NEW ways, creating INDESCRIBABLY POSITIVE changes in everyday experiences!


I AM honoured to share :)!


I offer Mirrorthon practices through 1-on-1 and group services, along with at-home courses! PLUS a wide variety of services, creations, merch, etc.!