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"Miraculous Consciousness" Original Song: Kristin's Miraculously Unique Healing Journey: March 2020!


Only Open Hearts Allowed! ;)




Dare you be brave enough to enter the unknown sanctuary of your soul, the infinite space of unconditional love that dwells in the center of your BEing, deeper than any commonplace experience ever offered through the mind???? :O


1} Establish loving presence with the beautiful complexities and miraculous wonders of the human experience.

2} Practice unconditional compassion, inside and out.

3} Embrace the infinite potentiality of life's healing journey.


Dear BeLOVEd Soul Friends,

In this video, 2020-Kristin sings an original song she wrote. She plays the guitar, drums, and shakers as instrumental background music to accompany her singing.

Before watching this video:

Please, take a moment to center in the infinite POWER of your sacred HEART. Release all judgements, commentary, automated assumptions, and inner mind chatter. Soothe yourSelf into loving presence.

Breathe deeply.

Let go.

Just BE.

Be here.

Be now.


And then simply BE some more.

Now, as you watch this video from March 2020, expand into tender imagination with boundless kindHEARTedness.

Imagine that the girl singing is about 15 years-old.

Imagine a 10 year-old small child playing drums in the background.

Imagine a 6 year-old little angel shaking rattlers in the background also.

Even though there is one grown adult woman in this video externally, the internal reality of neurobiological activity tells an entirely different story.

While healing with adaptable consciousness condition, Kristin faced some intense challenges. When this video was created in March 2020, she could not create conscious explicit memories. Multiple forms of amnesia plagued her everyday life.

Kristin's brain held ZERO neural associations with her own self, causing inabilities to remember her life, connect with her physical body, or even fully recognize the sound of her own voice.

Her mind and body, and both brain hemispheres, and forebrain-hindbrain communication, were all profoundly disconnected!!! Gradually healing, tediously expanding connectivity. Yet provoking hundreds of unique health challenges, including dissociation and chronic stress responses.

After years of uncovering suppressed childhood trauma and fully integrating those extensive strains of neural wiring, multiple age regressive states of consciousness needed to complete the stages of neurodevelopment that had been halted ~ because of how suppressed childhood trauma had unconsciously impacted brain-body development.

As her brain hemispheres lacked communication, constantly stimulating independent experiences of consciousness...

Her forebrain often operated independently of her hindbrain...

Her internal mind remained unable to connect with her physical body...

She couldn't remember what had happened an hour, day, week, or month before...

She couldn't connect with aspects of herSelf from any previous time period of life...

She couldn't resonate with the adult she was in the present-day due to these overlapping amnesias...

She struggled with regulation of all inner systems, including central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, and brain waves...

She chronically experienced terrifying implicit activations from residual trauma response memory fragments gradually being integrated...


She also experienced the neurobiological activity of multiple children and teenagers.









The healing journey is allowed to be ALL of the things. Unconditionally. We are WHO and WHERE we are, perhaps for a divine reason that makes no sense to us whatsoever.

Surrendering to LOVE and PRESENCE provides CONSCIOUSNESS with infinite POWER to navigate ANY neurobiological experience.

[Please explore Kristin's Implicit Revelations Case Study for further insight about understanding and healing unconscious body-minds @]

This song "Miraculous Consciousness" is deeply powerful. (You may watch the video now, hehe!)