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Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER ~ Remarkable Journey MagiiicK

At the beginning of 2021, I struggled to face mySelf in a mirror. I couldn't recognize or resonate with who I saw, and the PAIN that activated from that reality felt UNBEARABLE. Every time I looked in a mirror, I BROKE DOWN in mournful sobs and angry outbursts.

In addition, mirrors kept activating dis-integrated neural wiring, causing HORRENDOUS HEAD PAINS and other unpleasant sensations. Rapid eye blinking kept occurring as my brain tried to process that this is who I was. Sometimes, my brain just totally STOPPED WORKING for awhile ~ mirrors at certain angles activated parts of the brain hemispheres that had not yet learned to connect!!!

After over 1,000 hours engaging in "Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER" during the past year, I now LAUGH HYSTERICALLY with overwhelming, unconditional LOVE ~~~ and often I full-body SOB with pure, limitless JOY ~~~ every time I engage in "Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER!"

I now recognize and resonate with mySelf!! Through the mirror, I can see who my inner child would have grown up to be if she'd always been unconditionally loved and felt her attachment needs fulfilled.

The potent transformation that gradually arises from "Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER" is unfathomably remarkable and forever life-changing in the BEST way on SO many levels, which is why I AM sooo excited to share it with you!!!

Please explore thesis #29 through a FREE 8 part video series for further insight on the POWER of consciousness teaching the brain and body to socially engage with itself while nurturing internal attachments.

Explore these recent video uploads at ~~~ or at the bottom of the page at

To personally apply these ideas for radically revolutionary transformation, I've created !NEW! Healing Journey programs!

Explore "Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER: Dear Inner Life Partner" @

Discover "Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER: Creative Connections" @

MagicK, and infinite moments of HAPPILY EVER AFTER, await you!!!!!

Congratulations on your personal POWER reclamation and LOVING LIBERATION!!! You deserve it all!!!!

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