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Take a Mental Vacation!

What is a vacation?

It's a mental escape from the monotony of daily life, a temporary relief from the stress & demands of keeping up within society.

I pity those who are so poor that they require money to experience a vacation.

A vacation is a break from daily life, time off from the normal routine, a recess from the monotony of average existence. It is a leave of absence from the normal stresses we take on from day to day. It's a furlough, a sabbatical, a vacation from typical pastimes.

We are blessed with the capacity to take a vacation any time we choose.

Step One: Self-Care

Physical act of self-care while listening to &/or mentally saying positive affirmations.

Step Two: Nature Videos

Life gets busy. Our bodies grow too exhausted for a nature adventure. Problematic weather halts all desire to get into nature anyways.

Thank goodness there is still a way to immerse one's self in nature!

If you are in any way able to watch these videos on a television set or large screen than a phone, that is ideal, but use what you have & make the most of it!

If you're still too tense to just sit down & relax, & if you enjoy cuss words, begin with this guided meditation:

Stare down into the organized chaos of ocean waves.

Step into a peaceful paradise.

If that music is too sleepy slow for you personally, try this video:

For a different type of background music, I've included this video:

Disappear into the jungles. Admire the magical birds of creation.

Become a bird. Visit a lake.

Sit by a beautiful campfire with a variety of delicious nature sounds.

Slip into an alternate dimension, a parallel universe. Escape society's madness & enjoy nature as we are intended to.

Flowers & birds & bugs are some of my personal favourite!

For the best mental vacation, check out Netflix's "Wings of Life," a Disney nature documentary with mind-bafflingly gorgeous video footage & poetic narrative from the perspective of a flower.

Step Three: Guided Meditation of Self-Hypnosis

After you've relaxed with some nature scenes, it's time for a brief session of self-hypnosis.

If you are uncomfortable with the concept of self-hypnosis, guided meditation is also a phenomenal option for this piece of the puzzle.

If a woman's voice is more relaxing, you may try this guided meditation instead:

Allow yourself to slip into a beautiful, restful nap with these binaural beats playing. (Feel free to research "benefits of binaural beats" for more insight regarding this piece.)

Enjoy your vacation, soul friends!