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Mental Health Life Coach V Therapy

On average, therapy costs around $100/ hour, even with a lot of insurance policies.

That means that for just ONE of the 168 hours of the week, your therapist will be completely committed to focusing their attention on you & helping you personally address specific life issues.

This means that, out of the 672 hours in every month, your therapist is available just FOUR of those hours... & for no small fee!

Even if you might be willing to settle for group therapy, that can still cost $40/ hour.

Beyond being absurdly unaffordable/ expensive, this method does not seem realistically helpful in genuinely & thoroughly addressing the core issue, the internal roots of the external problems.

What happens during those other 668 hours each month when your therapist is not there for you? The problems are either ignored & left unaddressed, or they pile up & one hour sessions are not nearly enough to get through day to day problems, much less address deeper issues. This method rarely provides noticeable results & can therefore feel discouraging & even entirely pointless.

Is it a wonder that SO many people with mental health battles fail to seek help or expose their struggles to others? Is it a wonder that depression & suicide are tragic statistics in this world?

Mental Health Life Coach:

A New Approach To "Therapy"

What if there was something BETTER than therapy?

What is there was someone available 24/7 to text in case of an emergency, or even just a minor emotional meltdown?

What if this someone began each day by sending you a text message with some form of encouragement or motivation?

What if this would cost only a small fraction of therapy & not require any form of health insurance?

This is exactly what The Kristin Chronicles is in the process of creating: the service of a mental health life coach.

My name is Kristin Windsor, & I work hard with individual clients to get to know their personality type & learning type in order to create an effective atmosphere to address any life issues blocking them from unleashing their true potential & experiencing inner peace, joy, & fulfillment like never before.

Through creative self-expression, intentional coping tools, & conscious self-awareness through meditative mindfulness, we break through barrier like never before to unleash your greatest version.

(What else should I say?....)

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