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Medical Marijuana for DID & PTSD

Medical Marijuana

for Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) & Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • completely relieves suicidal ideations

  • completely relieves general depression

  • completely relieves intrusive thoughts

  • completely relieves ghost (subconscious) flashbacks

  • completely relieves psychosis

  • completely relieves anxiety-induced nausea

  • completely relieves impulsivity (substance abuse, self-harming, etc.)

  • significantly reduces PTSD flashbacks

  • significantly reduces hyperarousal

  • significantly reduces severe PTSD depression

  • significantly reduces several forms of anxiety, including physical tremors etc.

  • significantly reduces sensitivity to physical stimuli & emotional experiences

  • significantly reduces physical pain

  • dramatically increases ability to handle normal life stressors

  • increases gratitude & ability to appreciate life’s blessings

  • increases joy & noticeably experienced happiness (including smiles & laughter)

  • increases internal peace

  • increases ability to experience pleasant physical sensations, such as sun & wind on my skin

  • increases cognitive functioning — including ability to communicate, creative problem solving, ___.

  • increases physical functionality — including reducing physical pain, unpleasant somatic sensations, ability to remain out of bed for long periods of time, etc. (“ability to be vertical & moving around & engaged & contributing to the world & experiencing joy & bringing joy to the world”)

  • increases ability to remember life without being triggered (with DID, I can’t remember my life; with PTSD, I drown in despair upon recalling any piece of my story)

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