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Summary of Kristin's Medical History.

Summary of Kristin's Medical History:

to have it all in one spot for future reference

Citalopram: prescribed December 2012 for depression; did nothing.

Adderall: prescribed in 2013 & helped immensely with some side effects.

Dr. Gamblin: psychiatrist (with Kaiser insurance right before parents cut me off) I saw once October 2014. Medications:

  • Lamictal/ Lamotrigine, 200mg/ day [began October 2014]

  • Seroquel/ Quietiapine, 400mg/ night (insomnia) & 50mg/ day (anxiety) [began in November 2014]


  • Sarah Biggerman (BS): outreach services P&I

  • Nicole Gaal-Jordan (PsyD):

  • Justina Kropp (PsyD): individual therapy beginning December 2nd, 2014

  • Kimberly Jones (PsyD):

  • Amy Moore (MA+LPC):

  • Kasey Wells (BA):

  • Justin Barry (PsyD): individual therapy beginning January 13th, 2015

Karen Rice (MD): psychiatrist beginning February 24th, 2015. Medications:

Wellbutrin: 150mg/ day [began end of February 2015]


Psychiatrist Appointments with Aspen Pointe:

Karen Rice, MD, & Maninder Bali, MD

February 24, 2015.

According to the doctor's suggestions, planned to continue Lamictol (was doing no harm & no good), discontinue Seroquel (didn't need it for sleep like I used to), & add Wellbutrin (150mg/ day) to help with depression.

March 13th, 2015.

Stopping Seroquel & starting Wellbutrin caused anxiety, so I went back on Seroquel at 50-100mg/ day for anxiety

Current weight: 119lbs.

March 24th, 2015.

Wellbutrin caused extreme irritability (felt like signs of mania, according to doctors), so Dr. Rice switched me to Strattera (40mg/ day) in hopes of maintaining the positive effects from Wellbutrin (3 things improved with it: "unstable anergia, amotivation, & anhedonia") while reducing the negative side effects (anxiety, irritability, possible mania/ hypomania).

Current weight: 117lbs.

April 6th, 2015.

I wanted to stop strattera because of how severe the side effects of nausea & insomnia were. The doctor & her assistant (Erin Moser, AAS, RN) encouraged me to stick with the medication & give my body more time to adapt to the change; trusting them, I followed their seemingly heartfelt advice.

April 16th, 2015.

Decisions: decrease strattera (10mg/ day) with instructions to increase it 10mg after one week if I could tolerate it; continue lamictal (200mg/ day; still no effect); begin trazodone (50mg/ night).

Current weight: 116lbs.

April 23rd, 2015.

I notified my doctor I am stopping strattera, as the side effects persisted even with a decreased dosage. My doctor quit & moved to Fort Collins several hours north, & I was scheduled to see a new doctor on June 3rd, 2015.

April 28th, 2015.

Trazodone was not helping with sleep, so, before leaving, Dr. Rice prescribed me Ambien. I was prescribed 10mg/ night, but, as with every previous medication, remember being told to gradually increase until it reached the desired effect & then to discuss with the doctor. (Of course, this was "off the record" & only mentioned in verbal conversation, so I was accused of lying & abusing drugs when explaining this.) Thus, I was taking 20mg/ night for sleep, & it was the best sleep I'd gotten in months if not all year.

[At some point, I discontinued Lamictol, as it still had zero effect after half a year at its highest recommended/ legal dosage.]

May 15th, 2015: __ days before flying to California for my brother's fake wedding, & __ days after being sexually assaulted (horrible timing to run out of meds, basically.

I ran out of ambien & was denied a refill. Current medications: none.

Before even meeting me, Dr. Bali assumed I was a drug abuser. I now know why, other than me doubling my ambien intake for a few weeks: my charts SAY THAT MY DIAGNOSIS INCLUDES "cannabis use disorder, alcohol use disorder, & stimulant (cocaine) use disorder." A) I WAS NEVER TOLD ANY OF THIS, specifically told my diagnosis is bipolar type II & PTSD & chronic insomnia & depression with some psychosis, & I was told that I was fully informed; now I know that every single doctor with access to my Aspen Pointe medical records (dozens of doctors there & any other doctors or social security office who requests the records) will believe I have a huge drug problem. B) I DON'T EVEN MEET THE CRITERIA FOR THOSE DIAGNOSES. They heard I tried drugs once & slapped a label on me.

Dear doctors: stop randomly throwing out diagnoses when you clearly have no fucking clue what you're doing & should clearly be in a different profession, (you fucking clueless ignorant self-absorbed goddamn piece of shit morons).

Also, I was told my a doctor at Aspen Pointe that I have borderline personality tendencies; my medical records say "patients reports BPD being diagnosed in the past." If they can't even keep track of their own records & what their own people are saying, how the hell am I supposed to trust them literally WITH MY LIFE!? Ridiculous...

June 3rd, 2015.

My first appointment with Dr. Bali was a "shit show," if you will. I remember being so severely triggered by our first few appointments that I wanted to quit treatment altogether. Prescribed buspar (10mg/ as needed) for anxiety, & amitriptyline/ elavil for insomina. Trusting that my doctor did her job, I took the medications as prescribed without researching them as I had done in the past.

Current weight: 115lbs.

June 4th, 2015.

I woke up so suicidal I am genuinely amazed I did not attempt something. Three days of barely surviving & I finally started to recognize my face in the mirror again & be able to lift my head from bed without screaming or crying or collapsing back down.

I researched the medications to find out that the doctor had A) misinformed me about what the medication is entirely along with the potential side effects, & B) it was not the type of medication that is supposed to be used for the diagnosis I had at the time, which I learned through Google. She jeopardized my life because she sucks at her job, straight up.

My first encounter with Dr. Bali led to the darkest moments of that year (& I had been homeless, raped, etc., so there were a LOT of dark moments)... How could I continue trusting her? Not scheduled to see me for another 6 weeks, I immediately called to move up my appointment.

June 24th, 2015.

Prescribed lunesta (3mg/ night) for insomnia. Prescribed lithium, starting at 150mg/ day, & increasing the dosage every two weeks by 150mg; my doctor's goal was for me to be taking 450mg of lithium per day after 4 weeks.

Current weight: 115lbs.