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A Love Letter From The Universe: No Need to Envy "Normal"; You Are Meant For More.

My dearest, my darling,

you long after the lives of your peers, believing their life & worth & epitome of existence to be somehow vastly superior to your own.

My dearest, my darling,

how wrong you are! Don't you know I blessed them with simple lives because that's all their souls can handle?

You, my darling, my dearest,

are called for so much more!! You have already surpassed their journeys of normalcy, simplicity, superficial contentedness. Your soul would be limited in such a setting! Your wings could not spread out all the way & the world would never know how beautiful you truly are.

My dearest darling, my love,

I know it's painful... difficult... frustrating... excruciating... unjust... upsetting... But


never allow it to feel insulting.

It's a Big Beautiful Blessing in disguise,

a storm so horrendous that only beautiful things could ever possible come after the rainbow claims the sky

& every itsy bitsy teeny tiny beautiful thing on this planet will be appreciated tenfold, &

hearts of gratitude will sprout everywhere, creating a more beautiful world for all living creatures.

My darling, my dearest, sweet love, Earth's child,

while families are working & playing, laughing & crying, playing manmade games & racing against the manmade clock,

you will be changing the world,

transforming lives,

breaking boundaries & barriers,

making a difference where others back down from the challenge!

While those people you envy so much are sitting back in their simple lives, filled with happiness

yet also anxiety because some small part deep within

knows that they are meant for more & that this is not enough (yet they continue to settle because it's easy & comfortable & accepted within society),

you will be exploring the unknown!,

conquering the unimaginable!,

daring to achieve the impossible

& overcome the insurmountable!

You will be contributing to this world in a way that others could never even begin to comprehend.

So, while they're out laughing & enjoying worldly pleasures,

those fleeting, superficial moments we all chase so desperately,

please know that you



better off

than they,


depths of self-worth

& purpose

& fulfillment

& pride in who you've worked to become

in a way they will never know,

never experience,