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Liberate the Inner Life Partner & Inner Child to Expand Internal Navigation Beyond Known Experiences

How Detaching from the Inner Best Friend,

While Liberating the Inner Life Partner and Inner Child,

Ignites Boundless JOY and Infinite Possibility!

WHO or WHAT is NAVIGATING Inner Realities?

Consciousness, or the Unconscious BodyMind?

The SELF, or automations of experience?

Unifying with Infinite Intelligence?

Limitless Liberation?

Unity Consciousness!

Co-Creating New Realities from the Inside-Out!

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Why being able to remember our lives is important,

even though remembering our lives is not important:

1) sign of healthy brain function, including effective operations throughout brain lobes and hemispheres, and effective connectivity throughout all their information;

2) sign of effective subconscious navigation, without disruption from incomplete or unprocessed experiences;

3) sign of Self-essence being unified and fully present, where Self-aspects flowing through experience and brain-body wiring are connected with each other and a brand new present moment, without being stuck in incomplete experiences or disintegrated neural wiring.

Why being able to remember our lives is NOT IMPORTANT:

1) Consciousness exists and operates independently of brain-body structures; its identity is independent of all human experiences. Liberating consciousness through loving presence allows NAVIGATION to CONSCIOUSLY stem from the True Essence of SELF, rather than AUTOMATIONS from the UNCONSCIOUS body-mind. Internal NAVIGATION then derives from a HIGHER Source than subconscious realms or the human experience.

2) EXPERIENCE, and the subconscious/unconscious brain-body WIRING it creates, have absolutely nothing to do with the TRUE ESSENCE OF SELF and the liberated IDENTITY of that True Self (Pure Consciousness, Divine Essence). Uniting, liberating, and expanding all parts of consciousness FREE Self-essence from all past experiences into a BRAND NEW PRESENT MOMENT that’s never, ever happened before!


In these Treasure Maps, the inner best friend is meant to SUPPORT the Self, NOT DEFINE it. “Self-Sense”, or a sense of personal identity regarding the ‘self’, is intended to derive from the inner child and inner life partner. []

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LIBERATE the Inner Life Partner