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The Latest Kristin Chronicles Happenings: Excitement Is Building!

Now that I have a stable living situation (thank the universe!!), I am launching full-speed ahead into my many projects & goals that I've been dreaming up these past few months while spending most of my days in bed (or on the couch; wherever I was staying while being homeless).

The Kristin Chronicles has BIG PLANS & it all starts here & now—today, here, with you & I. EXCITING!!

Here are my many current goals & projects:

Continue building my recently launched Community of Kindred Connections & forum to start a conversation that matters.

Continue creating video blogs every single day & posting as frequently as possible (typically it's every day, or twice a week with lots of videos at once, haha). The Kristin Chronicles Video Channel:

March 3rd launched my new project of daily affirmation texts. The objective is to kick off each day with some form of an empowering message, whether it be a personal affirmation, a motivational quote, or an inspirational message written by me, Kristin Windsor. I already feel so encouraged & excited by the positive feedback I've received over this past week & I look forward to continuing this daily personal challenge of positive empowerment.

To sign up & begin receiving these daily messages, please email me at with the subject line "Daily Affirmation Text Sign-Up." If you live outside the US, or if you prefer utilizing social media, Facebook messenger is an optional replacement for text messages. Just let me know in your email which you'd prefer to use, & either your phone number or your Facebook profile link.

Here's one example:

Hopefully I'll soon begin sending bimonthly email updates (for email subscribers through my website, & for any close family & friends who want to be in the loop) regarding my progress along both my own personal healing journey as well as in my "career pursuit" as a mental health advocate & life coach. (reword?)

Creating personal growth challenges: each challenge prompt will be different & unique, but the concept will be that, for a given length of time (a week, 10 days, one month), beautiful souls intentionally tackle a specific aspect of mental health. From cultivating deeper self-love to developing a mindset of gratitude, these social media post prompts will provide a platform for us to grow, connect, & be challenged in a beautiful way. Stay tuned! Upcoming challenges will be posted to this webpage:

Recreating a timeline of my life to piece things together: (Click here for a video about the purpose of this project.)

Developing a coping skills toolbox. If you encounter a symptomatic obstacle requiring inaccessible mental health coping tools, please email me about it & I will work on creating coping tools for that sort of scenerio: The Kristin Chronicles' Coping Skills Toolbox:

Last year, I worked for several months to design a patreon platform to gain financial support along my healing journey while I am disabled & struggling to live with dissociative identity disorder (DID) & complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD). Now, I seek to expand that platform & gain patron pledges so I can afford to cope effectively & care for my basic essential needs. An income to sustain myelf will allow for my to continue my work: full speed ahead! Patreon Platform:

Beginning to brainstorm what the format of being a mental health life coach might look like according to the vision I've had for many, many years. (Click here for my first post about this exciting next step!)

A long-term project inspired by the movie Inside Out: Since this will take years to complete, I'd like to begin as soon as possible! Begin brainstorming to write a screenplay for a movie resembling Inside Out that's uniquely designed to explain the mind of someone with dissociative identity disorder (DID), previously known as multiple personality disorder (MPD).

Dig up old notes from three years spent learning at the Institute for Children's Literature & begin brainstorming ideas for children's books specifically addressing common fears of "littles," child alters within a dissociative identity.