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How the "KNOWN" 2012 book became a "KNOWN" documentary series 10 years later!!

From 2012-2016, memoirs were written in a book titled "KNOWN."

Life shifted towards a healing journey focus, and the project faded in the backdrop.

In 2021, the "KNOWN" project was revived in a brand new way:

a documentary video series, with written text to compliment its content,

to express the Implicit Revelations Case Study ~ sculpting fresh ways to understand and heal unconscious body-minds while liberating and expanding consciousness!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Despite the winding road of this healing journey, key themes always remained, including creative expressions with the theme of becoming "KNOWN."

EnJOY this video, a "book ad trailer" from 2013, during a 20000% different season of personal experience!

[It's funny cuz I didn't even know Kristin was editing videos back then, LOL!!!! What a JOURNEY!!!!!]

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My summary of this video from my current perspective:

Life is intended to be divinely perfect and beautiful,

yet lower dimensional illusions disrupt that flow.

With human-ego identities, the truth of our infinite SOUL is restricted.

Experiencing duality veils the unity of divine consciousness.

We all desire to experience unconditional love through attachment need fulfillment.

Regardless of our journeys, this remains true for all human BEings.

Before we can know who we truly are,

we must unveil all illusions, fulfill our own attachment needs, and liberate our Soul-essence.

We're never alone because we are one collective consciousness.

The unfolding of our divine destiny isn't about things going as the human mind plans them.

It's about surrendering to the divine unfoldment of sacred evolution as the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly.

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