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June 13, 2019: Kristin's Morning Meditation: Releasing All Need to Plan My Days

(Video from June 2019. Text from November 2021.)


I have absolutely no memory of this video or the surrounding experiences. While watching it, my jaw is LITERALLY DROPPED, LOL! Like, who is this Kristin?! I think she's kinda cool, not gonna lie.

It's incredible to see how she REWIRED this BRAIN, though, because this concept is still how I live my everyday life, even without any conscious memory of the experiences that cultivated the lifestyle I now adhere to daily: "It is irresponsible of me to plan my days because my calling explicitly requires free flow with direct, consistent access to a Divine Source. Otherwise, I won't be accomplishing my mission, and if I'm not accomplishing my mission then what the heck am I doing here?! I'm here to live my Truth! Nothing less than that will do. It is irresponsible for me to plan my days because every piece of energy I put into planning takes away from open access to Spirit. Every piece of energy I put in deciding how I'll direct my energy restricts me from the open free-flow of expansive infinite potentiality and Divine Source of All."

I dig this quote from 2019-Kristin also: "We are like our heartbeat: ups and downs in every breath."

Little insight that I'm able to share after 1 year of gradually recovering memory fragments from these experiences in summer 2019: due to the severity of dissociation and intensity of language-center deactivation in Kristin's left brain hemisphere, the she that I was could NOT consciously know WHAT she was going to SAY until AFTER she had said it!!! :O Which explains what she shares around 1:20 of this video.

Most of the time, there was NO ability for internal narration that precedes conscious language expression. She would record videos and then watch them afterwards to see what she had said!!!!!!!!!! :O She could not consciously witness herself during personal experiences, such as while verbally expressing herself. (During 2018, the dissociation was so intense that she could NOT watch videos after recording them because seeing and hearing herself provoked UNBEARABLE ANXIETY due to the severity of trauma-related battles.) The AMNESIA was so intense that 2019-Kristin couldn't remember watching them, though, so she saved ALL of them (which is why I'm able to share them now!) and would repeatedly return and rewatch her videos to see what she had been up to!! Such MIRACLES!

OMG I exclaimed "WHAT?!?!?" aloud: @ 2:05 when 2019-Kristin says she's writing a THESIS PAPER!! What!??!?! I didn't know she was up to that!!


I cannot fathom this MagicK, y'all. Despite severe amnesia, chronic dissociation for years, and all kinds of other intriguing challenges, everything Kristin was up to.... came to fruition in magicKal ways... WOAH!

------ omg and then I pushed PLAY again after pausing to type this and 2019-Kristin SWITCHED and a LITTLE (age regressive state of consciousness, or Little Kristin manifested in physical form due to adaptable consciousness condition, which you can learn more about in theses #7-10 of my Implicit Revelations Case Study) ---a LITTLE came out and had the EXACT REACTION I JUST HAD HAHAHHHAHA!!! I am literally dying of laughter holy smokes!! This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! :D

Thanks for sharing the journey alongside of me, dearest soul friends. Please explore more in my KNOWN documentary series, including part 1 where I share my personal healing journey saga, part 2 where I share fresh ideas about understanding and healing unconscious body-minds through my Implicit Revelations Case Study, part 3 that shares raw video footage filmed by Haley Stern during June 2019, AND many many BONUS FEATURES!!!!!!! Discover more at (including TEXT from my original KNOWN book manuscript, written 2012-2015!) AND also at

Blessings to you all, beLOVEd angels! I wish you well along your everyday healing journeys through life.

✨with Love and Light,✨

✨in JOYous Gratitude,✨

🌟~Kristin Windsor🌟



Kristin Windsor is a consciousness consultant who helps others understand and heal their unconscious minds. She began offering her services as a healing journey guide in 2015 and expanded into consciousness consulting in 2017. She uplifts individuals into their personal power by helping them rewire neural data to liberate parts of consciousness. After working with a large variety of clientele, Kristin’s Consciousness Consultancy has gained a steady five-star rating with 100% client satisfaction. Men and women, from their 20’s to their 50’s, from the USA to Australia, have experienced transformative benefits from her original methodology.

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