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Healing Subconscious Parts

~ Healing Subconscious Parts ~

95% of our consciousness exists beyond our direct awareness. Subconscious parts comprise a significant portion of this 95%. They play an important "behind-the-scenes" role in our sense of self and unfolding life experience. Parts are energetic communicators between our conscious awareness and unconscious states. Parts are love at their core. Parts impact our unfolding life experience from the inside-out of our miraculous consciousness. The truth is that parts just want to know that we'll be there for them unconditionally. Parts learn through implicit language, which includes somatic sensations and regular repetition. Daily rituals are the foundation for any healing journey. Without daily rituals, parts can feel neglected, abandoned, and unworthy. Daily rituals are not optional if healing, growth, and personal power reclamation are genuinely desired The profoundly beautiful aspect of this, though, is that daily rituals don't have to look like any one thing. There are an infinite number of ways to create, sustain, and empower the process of cultivating daily rituals. Showing up to practice unconditional, loving presence with our consciousness is really what it's all about. Meditation, yoga, chanting, shadow dancing, mindfulness walks, bilateral body movements, journaling, singing, self-therapization, playing in nature, meditative mindfulness activities like creating nature mandalas, tree hugs or earthing, mirror gazing meditations, energy work or energetic cleansing, cloud gazing, star gazing, napping outdoors, practicing affirmations, and self-hugs are just a few examples of implicit engagement through which we can cultivate daily rituals to connect with, heal, and empower the consciousness that carries us.

~ Healing Journey Tips ~

Start small. Every investment counts! Create a vision of the consciousness you desire to live in and experience. Write an intention statement mirroring this vision. Observe the present-day, moment by moment needs of your inner being. Establish one daily ritual that addresses that need and aligns with your vision and intention statement. Stick with it! Create reminders for you everywhere: on your phone, on your mirror, in your car, by your nightstand, in your wallet. Show up even when you super, mega, ultra, immensely don't feel like it. Prioritize presence. Lean into love. Embrace empowerment. Life will grow in beauty from the inside-out of your consciousness when you dare to rise into your personal power through daily rituals. The BEST is yet to come!, and YOU are more WORTH IT than you know!! I believe in you:) 🐛✨💖✨🔥✨💖✨🔥✨💖✨🦋

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