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Embracing My Everyday Healing Journey of Life for Effective Recovery

Remission focuses on reducing symptoms while recovery focuses on abolishing or obliterating symptoms.

When I referred to my healing path as my "road to recovery" or "road to remission," the emphasis was on everything going wrong and involved forced attempts to change the experience.

I've learned that these approaches simply do not work for trauma recovery.

The more I focus on what's wrong, the stronger that energy becomes.

The more I prioritize changing where I am, the more miserable where I am becomes.

The more I resist where I am, the more that resistance grows.

The more I struggle against my experiences, the less power I have within those unfolding experiences.

Healing is always gradual and never linear, and healing requires energies of Love.

Love does not force change, nor does it point out everything going 'wrong.'

Love does not grow wearily upset through painful struggles.

Love does not judge or label experiences with condemnation.

My 'symptoms' all these years were never symptoms of an illness.

Rather, they were always Clues of Consciousness expressing occurrences from within my inner being, pointing me towards my body's needs.

Attempting to destroy the existence of symptoms unwittingly causes attempts to destroy my inner being.

Referring to this recovery-driven path as a Healing Journey creates space for me to be exactly who and where I am.

Allowing it to be a Healing Journey emphasizes what is desired (healing) rather than what is undesired (symptoms).

Embracing it as a Healing Journey creates space to celebrate the baby steps taken each day, rather than comparing my days to an intangible end-goal or emphasizing the negative aspects of the journey.

Calling it a Healing Journey helps remind me that it's not an immediate occurrence.

I am not rushed, for I embrace the journey anew each day.

Letting go of words like "recovery" and "remission" helps me love who I am because I no longer see my authentic experience as a problem to be fixed or an illness to be cured.

Releasing attachment to words like "remission" and "recovery" teaches me to reframe my experience from a position of healing love where I give all parts of myself permission to embrace the process without overly focusing on the desired destination.

Certainly, I hope for aspects of my health to be RESTORED, but if I am always focusing on where I want to be, how will I ever be able to embrace where I am?

If life is constantly existing to get elsewhere, how am I to embrace these unfolding Todays?

If I am looking towards alternate experiences at theorized destinations in later days, what magic might I miss out on today?

I do not choose my experiences in this life, yet I always have a choice in my response; that's where my power is.

Thus, I choose to embrace daily radical reframes in my life.

I refuse to allow my life to be a theorized place of nonexistent experience.

I refuse to allow my unique experience to leave me powerless.

I refuse to forfeit everyday magic just because of limiting self-perceptions.

I allow this place in life to be OK. I embrace where I am with Love.

I choose unconditional presence regardless of the experience specifics.

I rise up to the beautiful opportunity of embodying a Healing Journey because I know it benefits all aspects of my inner being and, thus, all aspects of my life.