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Present Personal Healing Journal Goals: Embracing 2018.

Personal Healing Journal Goals:

  1. Establish a healthy routine: daily, weekly; household chores, physical self-care, mental self-care, spiritual self-care, Patreon posts, career pursuit in life coaching & mental health advocacy work, etc.

  2. Create a personalized Coping Skills Toolbox.

  3. Define & describe my different episode types & how to effectively cope with/ respond to each kind individually & uniquely: dissociation symptoms, dissociative episodes, PTSD episodes, anxiety or panic attacks, bipolar episodes, major depressive episodes (often linked with SAD, C-PTSD, etc.), etc.

  4. Create a detailed timeline of my life: hang on wall like before or create physical paper scrap book.

  5. Begin to slowly tackle the "I can't" of my life: off camera, patiently, slowly, with love & tender grace, caring for my spirit every step of the way. Objective: regain ability to read books & memorize guitar music.

  6. One self-care day of NO SOCIAL MEDIA: this will provide much needed balance for my health, & creating one consistent day will, over time, force my subconscious o accept that it's OK to not always be working & available to the public.

  7. Regular writing, for myself not to share! Therapeutic Healing Journey Journal Prompts. like homework! :D

  8. Calendar: write good things that happen, like seeing friends; track mental illness episodes, incl triggers & severity & coping tools leading to the episode subsiding; track marijuana usage (mainly for budgeting purposes); etc.

  9. Allow Self-Expression of Alters: allow. welcome. nurture. encourage. empower. creatively inspire. never judge, avoid, condemn: if it happens, apologize; make amends; continue on. They are, or at least WANT to be, your friend!

  10. DREAM BIG!!! Explore your limitless potential! Stop looking around & judging & comparing. Your happiness will come if you work at it. (What do you want to be when you grow up? What sort of legacy do you wish to leave behind?)

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