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Nourishing Internal Attachments for Loving Liberation on September 7th, 2019 ~ IMPLICIT REVELATIONS

The melody of this freestyled singing

is the background rhythm of a song known during early childhood (ages 8-10).

Using the melody while creating new words

was one of many healing tricks and tools utilized

during the Implicit Revelations Case Study and personal healing journey.

Among the 100 intensive health challenges encountered

in September 2019 (when this video was filmed)

were multiple forms of aphasia, over 100 types of dissociation,

the uniqueorder of adaptable consciousness condition (explained in theses #7-10 @,

complete mind-body disconnectivity, and profoundly disconnected brain hemispheres.

The parts of the brain used for SPEAKING were not connected with the rest of the brain.

Thus, SINGING was a huge daily focus

to remain in loving presence, consciously connecting with self-aspects.

7:18 ~

"Dream bigger. Heal fully. Following Soul's calling." -normal parts

"I can't believe we are real," say the voices within. "I didn't know we were real." -protector parts

"I didn't know I grew up," says the voices within. "I thought I stayed so small; I didn't matter at all." -child parts

8:36 ~ Eyes shifting upwards towards the right ~ When Kristin began developing her Personal Dimensions Theory, Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER, and Personalized Mirrorthon Journeys (Subconscious Unveiling and Transformation Journeys)

Although new conscious explicit memories could NOT be automatically created in 2019,

Kristin can now watch this video and fully RECOGNIZE herSelf in it, remember some of the experience, and have ZERO activation of disintegrated implicit memory data.

^These THREE things were NOT possible 1-2 years ago!!! AT ALL!!! ^

Applying her healing journey programs and practiced, including Implicit Transformation and social self-engagement practices through Mirrorthons, ALL of that neural wiring has been RADICALLY REWRITTEN without touching ANY memory data or working with any of those past experiences.

MIRACLES ARE REAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:50 ~ She listens to the original song holding the background melody utilized for her freestyle singing. Regardless of the song's particulars, it holds deep connection because it was originally known during childhood! It activates child parts and age regression, which is used as an opportunity for healing restoration, loving liberation, personal power reclamation, and transcendent transformation.

^ SHE USES MIRRORS!!!!!!!!! ^

Check this out @!

12:40 ~ She uses a specific Mirrorthon practice while changing the words to the song, validating and holding and soothing and tending to subconscious parts. It holds such POWER that she repeats the process.

From the stance of being her Observational Self, she creates new lyrics to the song's melody that stimulate a felt-sense of