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Holiday Gift of Loving Presence: 2020 and 2021 MIRACLES!!

Hey Soul Fam! ^_^

Crazy cool stuff, WOWZA!

Last year, Kristin shared this video @ titled "The Holiday PRESENT of LOVING PRESENCE ~ Gifts of Love to Your Own Consciousness!"

At that point (December 2020), I still had ZERO memories from my ENTIRE LIFE. My sense of self was LOVE and PRESENCE because I had NO neurobiological capacity for ANY sense of self! :O

Now, here I AM, 1 year later, and I've recovered, reorganized, and rewritten neural data from my ENTIRE LIFE! :D Yaaaaay! (Discover more in my KNOWN documentary series at!)

Without remembering the video I created last year, I felt naturally inspired to create this video I'm sharing here... with a super similar sorta THEME! The Holiday Gift/Present of Loving Presence! WOAH!!

It's so FASCINATING! The experience from last year cultivated neural data that helped me navigate my NOW moments, resulting in this video creation.

Understanding how neurobiological structures affect experiences of consciousness holds INFINITE KEYS for understanding, healing, and emPOWERing ourselves from the inside-out!

I'm so grateful you're here exploring the healing journey with me. :)





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~~~~~personal power reclamation

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~~~~~understanding and responding to the unconscious mind of a loved one

~~~~~understanding and liberating parts of consciousness

~~~~~transforming the past through loving presence to intentionally create a beautiful future

~~~~~spiritual ascension

~~~~~general life advice or personal emPOWERment


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From 2011-2021, Kristin Windsor invested in deep research and self-healing to discover hidden truths of her implicit health challenges, expand healing potentials, and transform automated styles of personal experience from the inside-out. She successfully achieved these goals through her IMPLICIT REVELATIONS Case Study and now JOYously and ecstatically shares her journey and thrilling discoveries through her KNOWN documentary series!!

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With LOVE and LIGHT,