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Personal Power Reclamation: Following Clues of Consciousness Towards Healing

On the 5th of November... I lost my focus. I gave in to the stories, associating my experience with my identity. I lost my position as conscious observer and responder. I succumbed to the sensations, allowing feelings to influence my decisions. I gave in to the dissociation, agreeing with it rather than working within it. I forgot how powerful I am. I forgot to observe without identifying. I forgot to reclaim the unfolding story. And it felt AWFUL. It felt so icky to be limited, reduced, made small. It felt devastated to lose sight of my dreams, passions, and potentials. It felt terrifying to be consumed by experience without a way to interject my voice into it. It felt overwhelming to be swept away in sensations without power. The BEAUTIFUL part though is that all the ickiness is ILLUSIONARY: the messages created by the experience were NOT THE TRUTH. I am not small. I am not reduced. I am not powerless. The messages of the mind are rarely if ever the truth: they're just clues of consciousness! There is always another perspective available. There is always an opportunity for planting seeds. There is always a chance to deepen the unconditional presence extended to our inner being. The ickiness I felt---that hopeless depth of despair and depression, that chasm of hopeless misery---it was all just CLUES from my CONSCIOUSNESS speaking its needs and requesting help! Instead of consciously responding, I abandoned my power because I forgot how much of it actually exists within me! I'm so sorry, parts of my miraculous consciousness. I lost sight of the truth. I'm here now though to reclaim my/our power! Personal Power is comprised of:

  • Presence

  • Peace

  • Playfulness

  • Patience

  • Perspective

  • Potential

  • Perseverance

  • Pride

  • Practice

  • Planting seeds

Self-State embodiment is comprised of:

  • SoulSelf

  • Personal Power

  • Self-Leadership

SoulSelf refers to energies of unconditional Love. Self-Leadership {Schwartz, 2001; internal family systems} is composed of:

  • Creativity

  • Curiousity

  • Calm

  • Compassion

  • Courage

  • Confidence

  • Clarity

  • Connectedness

With SoulSelf + 10 P's + 8 C's, I AM UNSTOPPABLE. When these energetic attributes are consciously harnessed, THE GAME CHANGES. I have power to transform my experience from the inside-out of my consciousness. I have the ability to help my subconscious parts. I have power within the unfolding narrative of my life. I have the ability to rewire my brain. I have power within my moments regardless of what they hold. I have the ability to consciously move through my experiences, choosing who and how I will be regardless of the naturally unfolding experience. And that, my friends, is EVERYTHING.

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