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I Completed the #7daysofpersonalgrowth #dailychallenge!

I completed the #kristinchronicles #7daysofpersonalgrowth #dailychallenge!

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Here are my posts from April 2018:

Day 1 of the #kristinchronicles #7daysofpersonalgrowth #dailychallenge: #SelfCareSunday ✨🌟✨ Sometimes self-care means setting aside every task & project to truly invest in caring for yourself—even if you don't feel like it or if there is no convenient time to do so. ✨💖✨ Self-care means doing what is best for your well-being regardless of how you feel.❣️ Self-care is a personal investment in your worth, potential, & future, as well as mental & physical health. ✨🌟✨💖✨🌟✨ I was sooo excited to spend a whole day with one of my closest friends, but my mental disorder reared up & impaired my ability to be fully present or focus on any task at hand. It most certainly prevented me from having pleasurable fun the way I had been hoping for & looking forward to.😤 As challenging as it was to set aside my dozens of ideas for how to spend the day, I knew it was in my best interest. My health, both brain & body, truly thanked me for that "time out" from any sort of agenda for how to invest my energy & spend my time.😌✨ A break from life was truly what I needed, yet I have such a difficult time giving myself permission to fully relax, letting go of ALL stress & worry in order to immerse myself in the present moment with zero anxiety & minimal depression. I am proud of myself for pausing to care for myself yesterday on #SelfCareSunday despite my strong, constant desire to do otherwise. ✨🌟✨💖✨🌟✨ #selflove #personalgrowth #healingjourney #selfcare #selfworth #mentalhealth #recovery #patience #perseverance #unconditionallove #nevergiveup

After deep trauma work a few days ago, the past couple of days have consisted of my body & brain DEMANDING REST.

Thanks to #MindfulMonday, which is day 2 of the #kristinchronicles #7daysofpersonalgrowth #dailychallenge, I took time to observe my own personal progress along this healing journey, applauding deep growth that has cost me more superficial things than I could ever begin to describe. Physical loss was soul's gain as I learned to pursue things of real worth. I only seek true substance now, & I am better off for it. This photo is of a calendar I made for myself. April's photo was taken in winter of 2013 in Castle Rock, CO, by Lexi Nicole Photography​, & the poem was written by me, Author Kristin Windsor​, several years ago. <3

Continuing the #kristinchronicles #7daysofpersonalgrowth #dailychallenge with today's #TimelapseTuesday Ten years ago, I believed I was evil at my core: I was led to believe that I was so innately damaged that even god rejected me & allowed a ruthlessly destructive demon to possess me & oppress my soul. Ten years ago, I acted solely from emotions. I had little to no understanding of my own self. I had no idea who I truly was. I had zero insight into why I experienced life differently than others or what to do about it// how to manage it. Ten years ago, I self-harmed out of boredom, depression, anxiety. I drank to cope with insomnia, depression, & dissociation. I took pain killers to silence the voices. Ten years ago, I was drowning in the madness of my own mind. Today, I thrive in the chaos of my beautiful brain. Today, I only pick up knives for cooking, not cutting. Today, I befriend the voices in my head, rather than running in fear. I take responsibility for my health, happiness, & fate of my future, regardless of how unfair it feels. Today, I rename king demon as Kingsley, learning to love even the darkest aspects of my identity. I reclaim my personal power & step forward into a brighter future than I ever could have imagined for myself. The journey is never easy, but it is more worth it than we know. —> JOIN THE CHALLENGE! ⭐️💫⭐️ <— ⭐️💫⭐️

To care for my mental health needs—which I have spent the past ten years getting to know in depth—, I spend time outside every single morning.🌤 It helps me battle the suicidal ideations I experience daily, triggered by relentless PTSD nightmares.💤 I always bring my journal out with me in case inspiration or triggers strike; expressing myself immediately helps immensely.📝 What are some habits you have to care for your mental &/or physical health?🤔💭 If you don’t have any, what is one you would like to start? #WellnessWednesday 🥗 Join the #KristinChronicles #7daysofpersonalgrowth #dailychallenge — Visit my blog (link’s in profile) to check out the 1 month challenge!!!!🌟🙌🏼🌟 or directly check out this link: ✨💖 #hea#healingjourney #recovery #mentalhealth

(Photo from 9 years ago during 10th grade.) 🎞✨ Reflecting on personal progress... 🤔💭 8 years ago, 10 years ago, even in more recent years at times, I would self-harm upon the slightest impulse to do so. 🔪 The darkness would creep in & I would cave without a fight. 😪 Pain seemed a friend to me. 👥 Now, to fight with everything in me & resist even in the darkest of moments, is truly a sign of immense progress & profound inner strength. 🌟🏅🌟 It's SO so difficult to see progress on a journey SO so long, tedious, & arduous. Nevertheless, progress exists! It's there. I must choose to observe & embrace it more frequently. ✨💖✨