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"Dear Inner Life Partner..." ~ A Miraculously Evolving HeartSpace TRUTH :)

(This is a follow-up to this blog post:

I have no words to fully convey the miracle of this...

Even without being able to consciously remember experiences, the core TRUTH within me has remained the SAME, ever-evolving and expanding.

The essence of my TRUTH remains the SAME even as I constantly change, grow, heal, and evolve.

I am near tears in the awe-striking beauty of that. It's unfathomable...!

Even through the greatest of all healing journey impossibilities... Truths were cultivated... Now growing stronger than ever... Unconditionally withstanding all fiery flames... Burning holes in my heart to ignite global wildfires...

In 2020, Kristin created this video. I do not consciously remember it.

Yet here I AM in 2021, and this creation tumbled out of me:

"Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER: 'Dear Inner Life Partner,...'"

It's all about nurturing internal attachments with the romantic partner of your present-day adult self!

Please explore all details here @

Simple summary:


"Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER: Dear Inner Life Partner,..." Healing Journey Program Sneak Peek!


During this 1-3 year healing journey program, the observational self grows attachments with the inner life partner (present-day adult self) while expressing profound LOVE through an audio love letter and intimate mirror connectivity.




Content includes:

~82 page PLAYbook

~5 videos


Benefits include:

~growing attachments with your present-day adult self

~healing all 4 internal attachments systems

~healing emotional and physical intimacy sculptures within the neurobiological social engagement system

~healing liberation within automated navigation and regulation throughout the unconscious body-mind

~profound union for consciousness!


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{PS! “Mere Play with Mirror Power” is a NEW series of healing journey practices offered exclusively through Kristin’s Consciousness Consultancy. Kristin Windsor, consciousness consultant, applies insights from her IMPLICIT REVELATIONS Case Study (2017-2022) to provide profoundly powerful activities that cultivate healing liberation in the deepest possible ways! Her Personal Dimensions Theory, along with insights about internal attachments, are the primary foundation from which “Mere Play with Mirror Power” was birthed. These practices apply mirrors in a variety of imaginative ways to rewire brain-body systems, unite parts of consciousness, and gradually ignite positive transformation from the inside-out!}



{Blog Conclusion}

Even without consciously remembering experiences from 2020 when Kristin shared similar ideas, those ideas evolved and were then expressed by another version of Kristin in 2021.