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Officially Launching the Dissociative Identity Movement!

Introduction to The Dissociative Identity Movement

---> What is the goal of this movement?

~ Unite dissociative disorder sufferers worldwide under one banner

~ Advocate for mental health awareness with an emphasis on dissociative disorders

~ Help make sense of the experiences & struggles of these disorders, for everyone’s sake (Knowledge is power! The more you know, the more you grow.)

~ Bring a sense of “normalcy,” acceptance, & hope for those with dissociative disorders

~ Celebrate the beautifully unique experiences & perspectives of those with multi-consciousness

---> Once you've joined the Dissociative Identity Movement, get active with the cause!

~ Openly advocate for mental health awareness! I will be sharing blog posts with suggestions for what to share. These writing prompts will help bring us together & spur the inspiration that will fuel change for the world!

~ Advocate for dissociative disorder awareness by sharing your personal mental health story. Use the hashtag #dissociativeidentitymovement. (*Note: this does not have to be your entire story, & sharing anonymously IS an option; if you are not already sharing your journey, I can help you & provide a safe platform to share.)

~ If you are a warrior of consciousness. Wear this badge of honour with great pride. (*Future note: I will write articles about DID & self-love, empowering others like me to appreciate the unique experiences of a multi-conscious brain.)

One goal of this movement is to allow the general public to "put a face" to dissociative disorders.

Right now, the public knows nothing, or knows only stigmatized labels, assumptions, & judgments.

We need to counteract this with well-planned marketing as we advocate for awareness.

People need to SEE the HUMAN LIVES affected by this disorder.

People need to look into our eyes & be faced with the ultimatum: Do you acknowledge our existence or do you choose pride & comfort?

We need to make it HARD FOR PEOPLE TO WALK AWAY. We need to make it HARD TO BE IGNORED.

We must make our voices extra loud. Because there is already noise in this world. We are not just showing up & sharing: We are battling a system already in place that claims we could not possibly exist.

We must completely shift people's minds. Which is a tall order! BUT COMPLETELY POSSIBLE.

We are stronger together.

There is power in numbers.

We are not just statistics.

We are not just "crazy" or "sick".


& it's time to show this world the magical beauty of a multi-conscious mind.

Who's with me?!?!?!??!!?

Join Our Social Media Platforms

We are discussing projects in a private Facebook group as well as a public Instagram profile. (Click underlined text to proceed to links!)

Below are a few of the posts thus far. :)

Journal Assignment for Dissociative Identity Movement Members

If you ever wish to contribute content to this cause (not required but always encouraged), here's a project we can all do together! Not only will it aid this incredible cause, but it will benefit your own individual healing journey as well. ^_^

Daily (or as often as possible) journaling describing the experience of specific mental illness symptoms.

If I use the word "derealization," no one (in the general public, which is our target audience for this movement) connects with the word. People don't understand what it means or how terrifying or crippling it can be to experience.

Yet when I work hard to describe the specific EXPERIENCE of the symptom, without using the symptom's word, they ALWAYS respond with compassion & some level of understanding.

I receive "Oh wow, that sounds terrifying!" rather than "Can't you just get over it or at least not focus on it?"

Journal. Write, write, WRITE.

Because, eventually, we stumble upon a sentence that makes sense of the madness.

But we can't get there without investing in the work first.

Which means consistent journaling.

I journal daily. Even if it's just 2 sentences, it's still SOMEthing.

Journaling also iiiimmmeeennsely improves internal communication for those struggling with a dissociative disorder.

Like....... a LOT........!

So, get to journaling. Describe your experiences. Personal narrative style. Poetic style. It doesn't have to "make sense" in the traditional way.

Bleed your experiences onto paper: Free yourself.

If you EVER get stuck, PLEASE comment on this post & we will work through it TOGETHER!

You are NOT ALONE. This movement is bigger than me. It's bigger than you. It requires ALL of us. As a team.

The beautiful part of being a team player, is it takes the pressure off a little, because it's not all "on you" ~~~ we are in this TOGETHER.

Conversation Starter: Dissociative Amnesia