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Dissociative Identity Movement Details

Who is invited to join the Dissociative Identity Movement?

  • If you have a dissociative disorder diagnosis that causes your life to be a multi-conscious experience. (This includes dissociative identity disorder & dissociative disorders otherwise specified: any dissociative disorder where you exist as multiple states of consciousness, which is often referred to as "fragmented.")

  • If you are willing to educate yourself regarding dissociative disorders & what having a dissociative identity means, & help advocate for awareness by engaging in open conversations on the subject. (Whether you're in high school or in a senior citizen's center, you are invited! Whether you have a mental illness or not, you are invited!)

What is the goal of this movement?

  • Unite dissociative disorder sufferers worldwide under one banner

  • Advocate for mental health awareness with an emphasis on dissociative disorders

  • Help make sense of the experiences & struggles of these disorders, for everyone’s sake (Knowledge is power! The more you know, the more you grow.)

  • Bring a sense of “normalcy,” acceptance, & hope for those with dissociative disorders

  • Celebrate the beautifully unique experiences & perspectives of those with multi-consciousness

To join the Dissociative Identity Movement, please contact the organizer, Kristin Windsor, at, providing these 5 pieces of personal information:

  1. preferred name,

  2. age (of body),

  3. diagnosis (if applicable),

  4. country/ state you're from,

  5. & any URL web links to any platforms where you share your mental health journey (i.e., Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, blog), if applicable.

For your convenience, I have created an optional template for your convenience.

Hey Kristin Chronicles!

My legal name is __ but I prefer to go by ___. I would like to be a part of this new Dissociative Identity Movement! This body is __ years old, & I am from ____.

I have a diagnosis of __(please include your dissociative identity first & foremost, & then any secondary diagnoses as well)__. Here is a link to where I share about mental health: ___.

I am so excited to make history with you!

Once you've joined the Dissociative Identity Movement, get active with the cause!

  • Openly advocate for mental health awareness! I will be sharing blog posts with suggestions for what to share. These writing prompts will help bring us together & spur the inspiration that will fuel change for the world!

  • Advocate for dissociative disorder awareness by sharing your personal mental health story. Use the hashtag #dissociativeidentitymovement. (*Note: this does not have to be your entire story, & sharing anonymously IS an option; if you are not already sharing your journey, I can help you & provide a safe platform to share.)

  • If you are a warrior of consciousness. Wear this badge of honour with great pride. (*Future note: I will write articles about DID & self-love, empowering others like me to appreciate the unique experiences of a multi-conscious brain.)

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