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Dissociative Identity Movement

NEW! Dissociative Identity Movement


Who? Anyone with a diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder or an otherwise specified dissociative disorder.

What? Advocating for awareness surrounding mental health & these specific disorders by sharing personal experiences & striving to start a conversation that matters any chance we see (that is not a threat to our health).

When? Anytime possible, starting now! :D

For me personally, I bring up mental health within every friendship I have on a regular basis. I am slowly learning to be OK with making others feel uncomfortable for the sake of mental health awareness, & the beautiful part is that a lot of those people end up appreciating it more than words can say!

Let's be the change we want to see, together. :) One step at a time, one day at a time, we can MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE!

Are you ready to make history with me?

Why? Because mental health affects every living creature on the planet. Crazy, I know! ;)

Because people like me deserve a voice, deserve to be heard, deserve acceptance & validation & effective help along this life-long healing journey.

Because talking openly about mental health breaks down barriers that have been causing havoc for endless generations. Through vulnerable conversations about mental health, we cultivate deeper relationships with more meaning, trust, & transformational connection. It is literally the most beautiful thing I have ever beheld in my life... & I have traveled to over a dozen countries, my friends!!

This healing journey is life-changing in the most miraculously magic, powerfully positive, breath-takingly beautiful way possible.

This healing journey invites us all.

How? Please send me an email to be a part of this! Simply copy & paste this template & fill in the blanks with your personal answers:

Hey Kristin Chronicles!

My name is __, & I would like to be a part of this new Dissociative Identity Movement! I am __ years old. I have a diagnosis of __(please include your dissociative identity first & foremost, & then any secondary diagnoses as well)__.

OPTIONAL PARAGRAPH: In addition to initiating conversations about mental health whenever possible, I am sharing my personal experiences with mental health on this platform: _______.

I am so excited to make history with you!

Thank you.....

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