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Committees for the Dissociative Identity Movement.


  1. Mosaic Mind Pride Committee: celebrating the unique beauties of dissociative identities.

  2. Alter Jobs Committee: we will explore & brainstorm different terms to refer to different types of parts, & different ways of explaining the role of different types of parts in a system. {*Note: this is not referring to the fight/flight/freeze/submit/attach role of parts; rather, the persecutor/ caregiver/ manager/ firefighter type roles.}

  3. Psych Term Committee: help with identifying specific terms & well-summarized definitions for those terms. {This information will be listed on the movement's website, shared in picture format with 1 image per term, etc.}

  4. Nervous System & Parts Committee: discuss the dysregulated autonomic nervous system & its relation to fight/flight/freeze/fawn{submit} parts.

  5. Treatment Options Committee: explore the topic of treatment options for DID & structural dissociation; we will discuss the pros & cons of every treatment option available, & then decide what info we'd like to sum up to share with the public during the movement next year.

  6. How Loved Ones Can Help Committee: explore the subject of how loved ones can support someone struggling with a form of structural dissociation.

  7. Multi-Conscious Parts Approach Committee: summarizing Janina Fisher's multi-conscious parts approach. 💖🎊 If you have read or are willing to begin reading her book "Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors: Overcoming Internal Self-Alienation," you qualify to join this committee. 📖📚

First prompt for the Mosaic Mind Pride Day/Week Committee!

~~~~~> Please describe one beautifully unique perspective those with a multi-conscious mind have to offer.

First prompt for the Identifying Roles of Parts Committee!

Committee Members: Echo Kerfi, Julia-Kay Et All, Natalie Kasper, Mercedes Sherman, & Nigel Surridge.

The internal family systems {IFS} model explains parts as self, exiles, firefighters, & managers.

How do you feel about using this model in the Dissociative Identity Movement?

What other suggestions do you have for a way to explain the different types of jobs parts of consciousness might have within a dissociative identity?

2nd post for the Alter Roles Committee.

The internal family systems {IFS} model explains parts as self, exiles, firefighters, & managers.

We would like to create our own that is specifically for living with a dissociative identity.

1} We will discuss fragments versus fully formed alternate states of consciousness.

One of our parts explained this as the fragment being like a baby in a mommy's tummy, the gestation period, where it's very much REAL, but only inside, & not fully developed in its identity; depending on the circumstantial variables, some parts remain fragments while others "grow" into fully formed alternate states of consciousness within the dissociative identity.

What do you think of this concept? I know not EVERYone will experience it this way, but with every case of DID being SO beautifully unique, I suspect we'll never find a model that accurately represents ALL people with DID: the hope is simply to have SOME sort of explanation & representation of dissociative disorders to begin the conversation. Everything will grow & expand & evolve from there.

2} We will create our own outline of alter roles.

Here is my first draft suggestion. Please comment below & let's improve & define & clarify each portion of this project together. ^_^

~Littles {ages 0-12} ~Teenager/Adolescent ~Introject {formed from an external concept of a character, fiction or nonfiction, known personally or abstractly} ~Caretaker/Caregiver ~Sexual Part ~Nonhuman {animal, robot, spirit, fairy, fictional creature, inanimate object, etc.} ~Twins {polar opposites, like twin flames} ~Protector ~Persecutor ~Going on with Normal Life Self {previously referred to as the "apparently normal part"}

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