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DID Merchandise by the Stronghold System!

​Hello we are the Stronghold System, and today we have the honor to introduce ourselves here on the Kristin Chronicles blog!

Our body is 30 years-old and we live in the Netherlands. We got diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (DID) in 2011. Some of our alters were already aware of each other, while others were not. No one knew it was called DID though, and many of us thought it was like ''this'' for everyone else.

Our system contains 45 alters that can be individually named & identified, but there are probably a lot more alters and fragments we/I just don't know about yet. All of our alters have their own name, age, gender, and interests, just as in Kristin's system and in the systems

of other people with DID.

Like Kristin and many other wonderful people, mental health stigma breakers, catalysts and power systems, we try to add drops into the ocean called mental health awareness, hoping it will help bring change and better understand and care.

This is why we started our (mostly) educational YouTube channel about dissociative identity disorder in June 2016.

We have many creative alters in our system. One of our alters, named Emely, has been asking for many years for a t-shirt printer and many more items she wanted to use for arts and crafts and also to help break the stigma of DID. ​

Our StrongholdShop is set up with that in mind.

Emely wanted to create bold and exclusive merch for the DID community— not just to break the stigma, but also, so we all, can be our bold selves, and feel comfortable with what we wear and present to the world and in our homes.

Wearing a "Me is We" shirt is so empowering! Having a beautiful safety poster on your wall that actually addresses all of you is so helpful!

Plural language and Pronouns shirts, posters, stickers, clocks, phone cases and much more, are no longer hard to find in the outside world: it's available in the StrongholdShop!

We chose to work with a platform called RedBubble because they take care of printing, shipping and customer service. Since we have "off" days, this just felt safest, to provide constant quality. Redbubble also prints and ships in the country the order was made in,

or a nearby country, which saves on shipping costs and time.

We have a playlist on our Strongholdsystem youtube channel with unboxings of products we bought in our StrongholdShop so you can see the quality and what to expect: please click here to view this awesome playlist.

We hope to welcome you in our StrongholdShop soon and also invite you to join us on other social media!

Last but not least, we want to thank Kristin for this amazing opportunity! You are an amazing strong woman and we admire your passion. Keep up the good work :)